Engineering and Science Resume Cover Letter

The field of Engineering, Computers and Science is very vast. These fields have many opportunities. Many students decide to take up Science as it opens up many opportunities for them in future. In this section of our sample resume cover letters, we have focused on engineering, science, and computer resume cover letters. We have tried to provide cover letters for all different categories related to these fields. There is a very good scope for career in these fields. However, if you do not have a right approach, these opportunities might not prove to be fruitful for you. You thus need to approach the employer in the right way that leaves a very impactful impression on him/her.

To understand which cover letter would be suitable for your resume, and how to write one for your resume, you must first understand the purpose of this letter.

Purpose of a cover letter:

A cover letter is written to summarize your resume and communicate your best to the prospective employer. A resume is around 2-3 pages long. The employer might not read the entire resume if he/she does not find it interesting in the first 5-10 seconds. You might not be able to summarize everything in your resume effectively, such that the reader could get an idea of your abilities, but you can definitely put it forth using this letter. This letter is very precise, and directly aimed at getting through the resume screening round.

A number of candidates apply for one single job vacancy advertised in any media. These candidates have more or less similar qualifications and skills related to that particular vacancy. Thus, your main aim should be to differentiate yourself and interest the employer enough, such that he/she reads your entire resume. This is very essential because the employer if reads your resume completely, only then he/she might be able to judge you better. Although, he/she is an expert in judging candidates, but sometimes he/she might also make an incorrect decision. Thus, you need to excite the employer to read your entire resume with the help of your cover letter. In fact, the letter should be such that the employer should be excited to call you for an interview without reading your resume further.

How to write a cover letter?

The basic of writing this letter remains the same, regardless of the job profile you are applying for, the only thing that varies is, the content. For every specific position and profile, there are certain things the employer seeks in the candidate. With the help of the letter, you must be able to communicate to the employer that you possess the required skills. The letter is your first impression on the employer, and it helps you build a rapport without meeting him/her in person. However, to help you with it, we have written down the basic instruction for writing this letter.

Format of the letter:

This letter is written in a formal letter format. Left alignment with paragraph spacing of 1.5 lines or Single is preferable. 'Times New Roman' and 'Arial' are the two fonts used for writing formal letters. The font of size 12 is ideal. The font color should be 'Black'. In case you need to highlight something in your letter, use 'Bold', 'Underline' or 'Bullets'. Never use 'Italics' or colored text in any formal letter including the cover letter.

Contents of the letter:

  • The header of your letter and that of your resume should be the same. Copy it from your resume.
  • Get the name and address you wish to write this letter to. A generalized addressing like 'To, The HR department' is less impactful than 'To, Mr. Zing, HR Department'.
  • In the first paragraph, make your interest clear. Let the reader know you and the position you wish to apply for.
  • In the second paragraph, try to communicate with the employer, and tell him/her how your skills and abilities match the job requirements.
  • In the third paragraph, express your interest for being a part of the particular organization.
  • In the last paragraph, request him/her to call you for an interview.

The basics have to be adhered to while writing a cover letter. However, to understand how to write a letter for your field or job profile, refer to some sample cover letters given in the links below. There are different letters written for different job categories in the field of Engineering, Science and Computers. Have a look on example of assistant project engineer resume especially useful for the student engineers.