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A City Planner cover letter needs to be written carefully keeping in mind to highlight your skills and experience (if you have any) for those are the most important attributes of a desired candidate applying for the position of an Urban Planner. You need to start your cover letter by mentioning what position you are applying for in Urban Planning division followed by a couple sentences focusing on your career interests and aspirations with respect to urban planning. It is also a good practice to mention why you think this job would be suitable for you. Also stress on why you have chosen that particular company for the job and to be able to do this, you need to actually go through the company website before you start writing your cover letter.

Below are free samples of cover letters - one for a candidate with relevant experience and one for those without any work experience.

1. Cover Letter Sample (for experienced professionals)

Mr. David Tolley
2646 Hanover Street
New York, NY 10016
Contact No.: 917-735-8860

Mr. Charles Bowser
Human Resources
Regional Plan Association
4 Irving place
New York, NY 10003

Sub: Application for the position of City Planner

Dear Mr. Bowser,

With respect to your advertisement on your website for the job vacancy I hereby put forth my job application for the position of City Planner. I have been working in Governors Island Preservation from July 2010 till September 2013 and during this course I found myself moving up the stairs of growth getting promoted to an Asst. City Planner in a short span of 15 months.

During my stay in Governors Island Preservation, I have not only acquired the essential technical skills and abilities a desired candidate must possess in order to excel in Urban Planning, but also had the chance to implement my ideas and make best use of the knowledge that I have gained through my education.

Upon being given an opportunity I would be obliged to fulfill my role as your sincere employee, willing to take on any challenges on my way thereby contributing to the organization's growth as well as to put myself to test in the development and maintenance of urban infrastructure that will facilitate every civilian.

Attached herewith you will find my resume that would give you a clear idea of my academic history while illuminating you about my previous job responsibilities. Feel free to contact me anytime if you wish to discuss my interests and know how I can be your organization's wealth.

I take this opportunity to thank you for giving me a chance to display my skills and capabilities thereby making myself eligible for your consideration.

Yours sincerely

David Tolley

2. Cover Letter Example (for non-experienced professionals)

Ms. Maria Hager
3306 Snider Street
Colorado Springs
CO 80904
Contact No.: 410-543-8822

Mr. Richard M. Ridge
Human Resources
Urban Infrastructure Management
1836 Hillcrest Avenue
Denver CO, 80216

Sub: Job Application for City Planner

Dear Mr. Ridge,

I saw your job vacancy posted on US mail dated November 15 and I'm willing to apply for an entry level position within your organization in the City Planning department. I have completed my graduation in Architecture from University of Colorado and I would now like to make practical use of the knowledge that I have gained during my education to continue along my line of interest.

In the course of my education I have acquired adequate knowledge in urban planning, layout and designs that have given me the confidence to grow within the field of city planning. I would like to make best use of my transferable skills such as inter-personal skills and essential communication skills to be an effective team player and contribute to your organizations growth.

Upon selection, I promise to carry out my job responsibilities willingly and I'm ready to face any challenges that I may encounter in my work environment. I would definitely be a great resource for your organization thereby using the best of my abilities to share your company's vision and move along with the team towards the organizational goals.

Thank you very much for your interest in my application and for providing me with the opportunity to excel in the field of Urban Planning. You may contact me anytime during the week in order to discuss my profile or schedule an appointment for an interview.

Sincerely yours

Maria Hager

Enclosure: Resume

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