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Urban Planner Resume

Urban Planner resume should be designed skillfully, and precisely, as it is a green collar profession. Individuals working in this field are complete professionals and therefore, you have to draft an effective resume that gets a complete hold on your employers attention. It should emphasize on your educational background, professional skills and abilities, and additional achievements that can compel them to select you for an interview. Therefore, construct an impressive application that highlights your potential capabilities towards applied job profession.

Basically, they are responsible for handling the comprehensive development programs, supervise the local land, and their associated physical facilities, handle the state jurisdictions, monitor the work of the metropolitan areas, administer the government plans, and necessary programs, etc. In this way, they are legally in charge of efficiently looking after the collaborative work of the government and municipalities.

You are assisted with a perfect sample resume for the position of Urban Planner. This application can help you in getting selected for the applied job position.

Tania D. Rogers
3536 Steve Hunt Road,
48th Blvd,
Miami, FL - 33131
Contact no. : (305) 704-2910

Career Objective:

Aspire for a position as an Urban Planner, in a well-established organization, where I can skillfully utilize my abilities for the sake of cutting down the haphazard growth. Wish to effectively communicate with the City Council and handle the capital work projects.

Career Summary:

Well-experienced, and trained to handle the regulatory bodies, supervise the important, and necessary local governments; ten years of experience in his particular field. Awarded for handling, and maintaining complex planning projects.


  • Certified Program in Urban Planning from Peru State College, Nebraska, NE
  • Completed Post Graduation in Environmental Studies from Montclair State University, New Jersey, NJ, in March 2003 - Grade A
  • Completed Graduation in Architecture from University of New Hampshire, New Hampshire, NH, in 2001 - Grade A
  • Completed High School from Monique Community High School, in 1998, with Grade A in Arts

Skills Summary:

  • Possess efficient and fluent communicational skills and abilities
  • Ten years of experience in the field of urban planning
  • Capable of handling various complex projects independently, and efficiently
  • Complete knowledge, and understanding regarding various kinds of city structures
  • In-depth understanding regarding federal rules, and regulations
  • Capable of handling different work communities, and their associated services

Technical and Professional Skills:

  • Skilled in handling the necessary planning activities, and looking after the environmental programs
  • Expert and well-trained to work on varied kinds of Microsoft packages like MS-Access, MS-Excel and other MS-Office software packages
  • Capable and efficient to work on different kinds of platforms like Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc.
  • Expert to handle the technical problems regarding construction, development, and management
  • Comfortable in evaluating the commercial projects, and plans

Work Experience:

Current Employer: County of Albany (2007 - till date)
Designation: Urban Planner
Job responsibilities:

  • Responsible for handling, and maintaining the necessary research, and evaluations of the surrounding
  • Efficiently reviewed, and evaluated the important developmental projects, and applications for residential, and commercial zone
  • Supervised the management, and administrative sections, and looked after the important architectural projects
  • Recommended necessary zoning regulations, and monitored the important government policy, and procedures
  • Coordinated with the city officials, and handled the important project for city departments, community groups, etc.

Previous Employer: County of Alabama (2006-2007)
Designation: Assistant Urban Planning
Job responsibilities:

  • Assisted the city councils, and other staff members in the preparation of applications for permits, working zone, etc.
  • Handled the compiled information, and maintained overall records of the completed residential and commercial projects
  • Supervised the research work, and assisted in planning, and designing of the policies regarding developmental programs
  • Promoted for maintaining cleanliness towards environment, and conducted various environmental awareness programs
  • Handled the important planning applications, and monitored the necessary outcomes of the developmental projects

Achievements and Awards:

  • Rewarded for efficiently handling the international developmental project of $5 million
  • Persistent candidate and winner of several awards for supervising, and handling a team of 10+ members, regarding developmental projects
  • Awarded for creating requisition maps, and handling the narrative reports for administrative work, etc. at workplace in County of Albany
  • Winning team member of the regional level handball team, New Jersey
  • Awarded with 'Best Planner' award for looking after the legislative work, drafting design statements, supervising the planning issues, etc., at workplace in County of Alabama

Mobility and Flexibility:

Willing to relocate anywhere in Monte Carlo and New Jersey


I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct and true as per my knowledge.

Tania D. Rogers

Here, you are provided with free sample resume for the position of Urban Planner. The provided sample can serve you, and can assist you in constructing an exceptional application, which would help you in achieving your dream goals and objectives. Your exceptional experience, and understanding towards this profession can help you in excelling in this particular field. We have also some cover letters that may also help you to make your own one. Click Here

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