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Petroleum Geologist Resume Cover Letter

A sample cover letter for petroleum geologist job.

A petroleum geologist resume cover letter should focus on the candidate's understanding in all the aspects of the discovery of oil deposits and production of petroleum. In general, your cover letter should display your proficiency in various fields of science and machinery used in the identification of possible oil traps. A petroleum geologist cover letter should also display your researching and analytical skills, which are essential to study the dynamics of solid and liquid matter constituting the planet's resources and various scientific processes pertaining to petroleum geology.Start your letter with a brief introduction of yourself and your professional background, including information of how you came to know about the job vacancy. Your introduction needs to be gripping in order to keep the reader glued onto your application.

Highlighting your technical skills

Petroleum geology is concerned with the determination and analysis of the seven basic elements in sedimentary basins, namely the source, the reservoir, the seal, the trap, timing, maturation, and migration; so, your cover letter should portray your knowledge in the evaluation of the source using several methods of geochemistry.

Include your skills and knowledge in the analysis of source rocks, reservoirs, and basins, while showing your proficiency in exploration, appraisal, and production stages. You need to relate your technical skills to the nature of the job profile that you are applying for; so, make sure you carefully organize your thoughts and put them forth in an effective manner.

Signify your professional qualification effectively

Besides mentioning your technical skills, you are required to give equal importance to your professional background in the petroleum geologist resume cover letter, as in your previous job responsibilities and the skills that you have developed during your previous employment. Highlight your prior work experience concisely, making sure you do not go deep into the details.

Before you conclude the letter, you need to mention what you will offer as an employee, if you are given an opportunity to serve the organization. Conclude your letter appropriately by showing your gratitude towards the reader and include information as to when the reader can contact you to follow up on your application.

Given below is a free sample of a petroleum geologist resume sample cover letter for your reference -

Petroleum Geologist Resume Cover Letter Sample (for experienced candidates)

Ms. Shannon K. Luna
3035 Scenicview Drive
Midland, TX 79701

Mr. John K. Chilton
Human Resources
National Association of Petroleum Geologists
Houston, TX

Sub: Job application for the position of Petroleum Scientist - II

Dear Mr. Chilton,

I viewed your company's profile in and I came to know that you are recruiting scientists and geologists. I hereby put forth my application for the position of a Petroleum Scientist - II, within your esteemed organization. I have graduated from The University of Tulsa in the field of geology, in June 2007. Besides, I have also completed my Ph.D. in Geology from The University of Texas, while I was working with Texas State Reservoir Operations, Lubbock, TX between August 2007 and March 2011 as a Sr. Petroleum Geologist.

Throughout my employment in the above organization, I acquired and developed essential skills in studying the sedimentary basins, in order to aid the team in oil exploration. I developed deep understanding in various geological disciplines, which are used in the process of oil exploration. I was involved in -

  • quantifying the nature of organic-rich rocks in order to determine the quantity of hydrocarbons expelled
  • the research and discussion of climate change and its effects on the petroleum production and extraction process
  • assessing the porosity and permeability of reservoirs
  • studying the migration, to quantify the source of hydrocarbons in a specified area
  • determining the thermal history of the source rock to forecast hydrocarbon generation and expulsion
  • ensuring that the hydrocarbons remain trapped in the subsurface so as to prevent their escape due to natural buoyancy

Besides, I also possess excellent communication skills, training and mentoring skills, researching skills, and analytical skills, which when combined with my technical skills will generate the desired outcome that will aid in the oil exploration and production processes, thereby contributing to your organization's growth.

Attached herewith, you will find my resume which contains detailed information about my professional background along with my contact details. Kindly consider my application favorably and allow me to serve your organization, while exploring and constantly developing my skills in petroleum geology, eventually guiding me towards a successful career.

You may contact me anytime if you wish to discuss my application in detail or if you wish to schedule an appointment for an interview. I am looking forward to joining your team and serve to the best of my abilities.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Shannon Luna

Enclosure: Resume

The above example of a petroleum geologist resume cover letter should guide you efficiently in preparing a desirable cover letter that would serve the purpose of getting you an interview. If you are a candidate with no relevant experience, then all you need to do is focus on your technical skills that you have acquired and developed through education, while including any accomplishments in school or college, unless they are mundane. You may also mention your grades after your final examinations; but, if your grades are not really attractive, we advise you to skip that part.Remember to customize your cover letter so as to give it that personal touch, which will engage your reader in your job application, eventually increasing the chances of earning an opportunity for an interview.

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