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A zoologist's cover letter efficiently projects the candidate's knowledge and understanding in various sectors of zoology, such as animal behavior and evolution, wildlife conservation, adaptation research, marine ecology, animal physiology, marsupial reproduction, conservation management, policy making for natural resources management, zoography or descriptive zoology, biomedicine, behavioral ecology, etc. As there are several sectors in zoology, one must carefully display their abilities in the related field of interest, while paying equal importance to their professional experience and education.

Besides, there are other sectors, such as ethology or the study of animal behavior, herpetology, entomology, mammalogy, evolutionary biology, palaeontology, molecular biology, and ornithology. It is a good practice to mention your proficiency in these sectors of zoology, and your skills in identifying and classifying several species to study their structures, genetics, reproduction, variations, and group development and mechanisms. It would be an added advantage if you mention your familiarity with the recently emerging technology and studies like systematics, phylogenetics, cladistics, phylogeography etc, to classify various kinds of species, for it will only enhance your application.

The contents of a zoologist cover letter depend upon the nature of job the candidate is seeking, although the layout of the contents remains the same - introduction, the main body highlighting the skills and abilities, and a conclusion.

Cover Letter Sample

Ms. Louis S. Greene
3614 Laurel Lane
Midland, TX 79701

Mr. David P. Rubio
Head of Department - Zoology
Centre for Environmental Stress
2561 Seth Street
Snyder, TX 79549

Sub: Job application for the position of Research Scientist

Dear Mr. Rubio,

I am writing to express my interest in your advertisement for job vacancies published in US mail dated December 11th, and I hereby present my application for the position of a Research Scientist within your organization. My interest in studying the animal kingdom more closely has led me in considering zoology as a career, while taking advantage of the opportunity to pursue my best interests as my profession.

I am a graduate in zoology, studied from the University of Arizona and completed the degree course in the year 2007, after which I joined the Society of Biology, AZ for an internship, and later worked as a Technical Research Executive within the same institute, until September 2011, for I had to move to Texas with my family.

My education, internship and 3 years of service in the field of research, has helped me in acquiring a great magnitude of knowledge in cell biology, research data and records analysis and interpretation, breeding and raising specimens so as to observe and analyze their behavior in the natural surroundings, catalog species, classification etc. I have been involved in performing experiments, solving environmental and health problems of animals in a particular area, dissection of animals and their preservation, microscopic studies of preserved specimens, research documentation etc. I have included my previous job roles and responsibilities in detail in my resume attached herewith.

Besides my technical skills, I also possess excellent verbal and written communication skills, analytical and researching skills to aid in the process of extensive research, which would help me in contributing to the development and advancement of science and studies within your organization. I am eagerly willing to be a part of your team, so as to facilitate your research and development team, thereby developing my skills and knowledge at the same time, driving me towards a successful end, as far as my path is concerned.

Please find my contact details in my resume attached herewith; you may contact me anytime during the week, if you wish to discuss my profile or application in detail. I request you to consider my application favorably and give me the opportunity to excel within the field by sharing your organizational goals.

Thanking you.

Sincerely yours,

Louis Greene

Enclosure: Resume

While referring to the above example be sure to customize its contents, so as to personalize your letter. If you possess no relevant experience, then you need to express your skills and knowledge, relating them to your education while applying for zoologist career job. To know more on how to draft a professional resume which is compatible with the cover letter, visit our resume sample section. Refer this resume for zoologist career here.

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