Construction Resume Cover Letter

The construction industry has huge requirements. The concept of construction has undergone a drastic change. It is not a mere multi storey apartment, but a dream that people see for their home or office, and the construction industry turns it into reality. The construction industry has thus come up with many new profiles. Designers, Architects, Engineers, etc. are in huge demand. Every profile has a different set of responsibilities and requirements. While applying for a job in the 'construction industry' you need a construction resume cover letter along with your resume.

A cover letter helps you present your abilities, skills in front of the employer and justify your job application. A resume will give these details to the employer, but for this, the employer will have to read your entire resume. In turn, the cover letter will give all the information about you, your qualification, skills and job responsibilities in a precise manner to the employer.

The employer does not have time to read the resumes of all the candidates applying for a job. He/she thus screens the resumes by spending not more than 5-10 seconds on one resume. This can lead to a wrong decision and you might miss a good opportunity. You thus need to interest the employer so that he/she reads your complete resume, and better if he/she reads only the cover letter you write, and contact you for an interview.

Purpose of a cover letter:

The cover letter is not just aimed at drawing the employer's attention or clearing the resume screening round. The main purpose of the cover letter is distinguishing you from the crowd and convincing the employer to call you for an interview before making any decision. Many candidates lose very good opportunities as they fail to convince the employer that they deserve a chance to attend the interviews. This is a crucial step, because your resume only gives a summarized documented detail of your qualification and skills, but your ability and personality cannot be depicted by the resume. To actually present yourself, you need to be present in the interview, wherein the way you communicate and portray of skills will ultimately help the employer take the right decision about your candidature.

How to write a construction resume cover letter?

The cover letter format remains the same. The construction resume cover letter that you write should complement your resume. Don't make it look like your resume. It should just give an idea of who you are, so that the employer gets motivated enough to read your complete resume. Here is a brief idea about how your cover letter should be, and what you should include in your letter.

  1. Firstly, the cover letter should clearly mention your name and contact details. Write your name, email address and contact number on the left hand side of the page, leaving a 1-inch margin from the top. This header should be similar to the resume header. You can thus copy the header from your resume.
  2. After your details, comes the details of the person you wish to write to. This person is the concerned person looking after the recruitment for the job profile you are applying for. If you do not know the name of the person, find out the name of the person by enquiring at the reception of the organization. A generalized address like 'To whomsoever it may concern' is strictly not advisable for a cover letter. Try to find out the name, as addressing the letter to the concerned person is more impactful than a generalized address.
  3. Give a proper salutation and begin writing the cover letter. Introduce yourself and let the employer know the job profile you are applying for. In this first paragraph the employer should get an idea of - who you are, which post you would like to apply for, number of years of experience, and your qualifications.
  4. The next paragraph is elaborating your work responsibilities, skills and achievements. If you mention in the first paragraph that 'I am a Construction Management Graduate, working as Senior Site Advisor', elaborate on your job role. Mention some of the most remarkable achievements in your professional and academic career.
  5. End you letter requesting the employer to spare some time and arrange for an interview.

The sample construction resume cover letters given in the links below will help the construction personnel to write an apt cover letter for their resume.