Nursing Resume Cover Letter

A nursing resume cover letter, if constructed efficiently, displays the candidate's ability to provide autonomous and collaborative health care services to individuals and families and assess the efficiency of the treatment provided, to ensure the recovery of in-house patients. It outlines your ability to participate in shaping the society to create a safe and healthy environment, thereby promoting the welfare of the nation.

The nature of contents of a nursing cover letter

Your cover letter must be comprised of significant information pertaining to your qualities as a nurse. It should focus on your clinical skills, while shedding some light on your understanding in the diverse study of nursing theories. However, the contents may vary according to the nature of the nurse's job, in which case careful consideration of the essential skills will give you a clear idea as to what you need to include in your cover letter. You need to highlight your skills and abilities, in accordance to the employer's needs and your area of specialization.

Your cover letter should revolve around your knowledge in the extensive field of nursing, which includes several theories such as physical sciences, biology, nursing theory, social sciences, psychology, pediatrics, adult-gerontology, and various health care systems. It should also reflect your proficiency in providing assistance to physicians and surgeons with different areas of expertise, so as to ensure flawless treatments, facilitating a comfortable stay for the patients. Show your compassion for the needy, ill, and the elderly people and express your willingness to provide them with high quality nursing.

The purpose of a nursing cover letter

Every job application should comprise of a resume and a cover letter, which serves as an official introduction to your professional background. The true purpose of a cover letter is to gain the confidence of the reader and direct him to your resume. You need to consider why you are writing this letter, as in if you are responding to a job advertisement or if you are writing to enquire about future job opportunities within the health care facility, depending upon which you should frame your introduction effectively.

Your cover letter is the primary channel of communication, to express your interests and capabilities pertaining to the field of nursing. Therefore, it is important that you organize your thoughts carefully, spending a considerable amount of time in the arrangement of its contents, to facilitate a smooth flow of information. The cover letter aims for attracting the reader's attention and keeping him/her engaged in your job application, eventually working towards facilitating the reader in considering you as a desirable candidate for the profile.

What you will offer to the employer

One of the most important points to be considered while preparing a nursing cover letter is the information of how you will contribute to the advancement of the health care facility. It is essential that you include this information in your cover letter, for the reader is seeking an answer to the employer's question as to how your employment will benefit the establishment. Although you are not supposed to stress on the revenue generation aspect of the profession, you are required to express your willingness to serve towards increasing the efficiency of the treatment and health care services provided, to facilitate a motivated and comfortable stay for the patients.

Employment history

Your professional history constitutes a major part of the nursing cover letter. You should include only the relevant and significant information pertaining to your role during the previous employment. You need to avoid getting into the details of your professional qualification, to avoid the possibilities of your resume and cover letter becoming identical to each other. You need to include the information of any internships or apprenticeship that you might have undergone after or during your education. If you have any gaps between employment, then you need to specify the reason as to what you had been doing during that course of time.

Concluding your cover letter

Concluding your cover letter is typically one of the most crucial tasks in the process of writing a nursing cover letter. You need to end your letter successfully, in order to create the desired impact upon the reader and influence his decision in hiring you. You need to express your willingness to join the medical team and work towards the betterment of the patients, while displaying a healthy attitude towards contributing to the facility's development. You must also mention that you have enclosed your resume along with the letter and include the information as to when would be the suitable time to contact you, in case the reader wants to discuss your application in detail. Finally, express your gratitude for the reader to acknowledge his time and interest in your application, to end your letter on a positive note.

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