Military Resume Cover Letter

The military or defense is the most respected field in every country. The military personnel serve the nation and use their expertise for their country. The benefits for working in the military are also very motivating. These professionals get many facilities, along with the respect associated with their job. There are many different professionals needed in this field. Cook, Doctors, Telecommunication Experts, Operations Manager, Security Guard, etc. Getting into military is not an easy task. They need people who are perfect, and best in their vocation, and would serve the nation selflessly. When you apply for such a vacancy, you will need your resume and a Military resume cover letter that will summarize your resume, and take you a step ahead in the selection process.

When you are told to write a cover letter for your resume, and if you have never written one previously, you might get confused and not know what should be included in your cover letter, or how it is different from an application letter or resume. Many people mess up with this, and write long cover letters that do not fulfill the purpose of writing a cover letter. Thus, you need to know what a cover letter is, the purpose of writing it, and why it is needed. These three questions are answered in the following paragraph.

You cannot take all your professional documents and academic certificates wherever you apply for a job. You thus need a resume. A resume puts together all the academic and professional details in 2-3 pages. This makes it comfortable for you to apply for a job, as the employer can get all the desired information, related to your work experience and qualification easily. Since you use your resume, why do you need a cover letter for it, and what a cover letter is? The employer receives many such resumes for a certain job vacancy. He/she will definitely not read the entire resume. Since they are into recruitment and selection for quite some time, they just scan through the resumes and read the sections they feel will give them the required data. This is absolutely correct from his/her point of view. However, it can prove harmful for you because he/she might miss on vital sections in your resume, because many resumes have different templates and different styles. You cannot afford this, because you might lose out on the opportunity. Thus, you need something that will further summarize your 2-3 page resume, and make things simpler for the employer. It is here when the cover letter comes into picture.

A cover letter will help choose some specific information from your resume, and use it to answer the employer's requirements. The resume will give all the required and best information about you, but your cover letter will give only the best information relevant to the job you are applying for. This makes it simpler for the employer to decide. Also, since you make it simpler for him/her, it will create a positive impression on the reader, and increase your chances of being called for an interview.

The cover letter has a clear purpose - getting your resume cleared in the resume screening round and getting an interview call. While writing this letter you need to keep the purpose in mind and not mess up with it. Your letter should be so impressive and effective that it should draw the employer's attention towards your candidature, and force him/her to call you for an interview.

How to write a Military resume cover letter?

We have discussed what a cover letter is, and what the use of writing this letter is. Now let us discuss some tips or instructions that will help you write the best, precise and effective cover letter.

The format of the letter:

The letter is written in a business letter format, using 'Times New Roman' font with a font size of 12. To highlight certain points in your resume, use bullets and a bold font.

Content of the letter:

The letter should communicate your skills and abilities in relevance to the job you are applying for. The more relevantly you put forth the skills, the greater the chances of getting an interview call. Read the job requirement and job descriptions, to make your letter more relevant.

For further reference, read the sample cover letters in the links below for some of the Military job profiles.