Administrative Resume Cover Letter

An organization's success depends on the combined success of its various departments. The production, marketing, finance and human resource department work in sync towards one single organizational goal. The achievements of all these departments lead to the organizational achievements. However, there is one more section or department that is equally important, because without their efficient and effective duties, the smooth functioning of other departments would not be possible. This is the 'Administrative Support Department'. If you wish to work in the Admin Assistance, you would need an 'Administrative Support resume cover letter'.

Before discussing about the cover letter for this position, let us discuss about the roles and responsibilities of this department. This discussion is essential because you must know what an 'Administrative Support/Assistance Department' does.

There are many tasks, presentations, meetings, events, etc. continuously happening in the organization. Every department has a set of duties, which it has to accomplish. However, behind this, there is a support department. For example, a presentation has to be made for a group of delegates coming from other countries. The particular team will concentrate on the presentation, but they will need another support service to make this successful. These services will be coordinating with the clients, ensuring a pick up for them from the airport, arrangement of refreshments, lunch, beverages, etc. arranging the conference room, checking the functioning of projectors in the presentation room, the laptop functioning, print outs of the necessary documents and keeping copies of the documents in the conference room, etc. There are many other support activities to make this client presentation successful. If the main team that is supposed to interact with the client and make the presentation, wastes time in arranging this, it will hamper their work. Also, in the midst of the presentation they cannot run around to arrange for things. They therefore make a list of all their requirements, the data they need, etc. and the Admin department looks in to this. Other such support services are Secretary, Clerk, Assistant, etc. they basically help in better functioning of the organization.

Now that you have an idea about the job profile of the Admin support, you need to match your skills to these requirements. When the employer places an advertisement for an 'Admin Support' personnel, he would expect the person to be multi-tasking, cooperative, quick in responding, should be able to work independently, good at coordinating, etc. These personnel are expected to possess good communication and computer skills. When you read this, you understand what is expected of you from the employer. Now, when you start writing the letter, you must make sure that you answer the requirements of the employer, or answer the question 'Why should we hire you?', one of the favorite questions of the employer.

For the format of a cover letter, you can refer to any cover letter format or template that you feel is best. You can also make a unique template by taking in the best from 2-3 different templates. This template will give you an idea of how and what information you need to write in the letter. Once you have this template, read the job description and skills thoroughly. This will help you match your skills to the given requirements. However, while doing this, maintain honesty and do not exaggerate on skills that you do not possess. Be honest and justify your application on the basis of what you are. Any pseudo information might land you in trouble.

The Administrative Support resume cover letter should be precise, present the necessary information in a systematic way such that it interests the reader and answers the reader's query without wasting his/her time. Refer to some of the Admin Support job profile cover letters below, to write a cover letter for your job profile.