Architecture Resume Cover Letter

Any candidate when sends in his/her job application; sends a copy of his/her resume and so does every one. The point is people with similar qualifications and skills will more or less have a similar resume, then how can you distinguish your resume application from many others. Consider the field of Architectural Engineer. You wish to apply for the job of an Architect with an organization. Like many other architects, you too will have a Degree in Architecture and the job responsibilities would be similar to any other architect. Now the question is how do you hundred odd architects competing for the same job. Firstly, the employer screens out resumes, and if he/she gets around 30 resumes, approximately 10 resumes would be selected and called for an interview. These ten resumes will thus have a distinct factor that other resumes did not possess. This factor is highlighting themselves and communicating with the employer. However, the resume does not give much scope for communication and in person communication comes in at a later stage. It is thus the Architecture resume cover letter that helps you in highlighting yourself and communicating about yourself without meeting the reader.

Contents of Architecture cover letter:

Architect resume cover letter will be similar to any regular cover letter. We will discuss the basics of cover letter. Let us first discuss what would you need to write an Architect cover letter.

Being an Architect, you know the qualification skills required for the job. The employer usually mentions that he/she needs a 'Landscape Architect', a 'Civil Engineer', or a 'Marine Architect' etc. If you have completed a course in the same, you need to mention it. Secondly, he/she would mention the criteria of 'experience'. Reply to this requirement in your letter, mentioning the number of years of experience you possess.

Next, the employer will give a brief job description. Read this job description thoroughly, and relate your work experience to the responsibilities or requirements put forth for the job. Mention names of some projects that you have worked on, especially if the projects are popular.

Basics of a cover letter:

A cover letter is written in a formal letter format. The top left corner will show your name and contact details. Below it, mention the name of the person concerned with the recruitment for this position. Make sure you know the name of the person, and do not write 'To Whomsoever it may concern'. Personalized address is more impactful. Greet the reader and then begin writing the cover letter as per the information for architecture cover letter given above.

Writing a cover letter is not a difficult or impossible task. It is just presenting yourself in front of the employer and who else better than you can do this job. You know your skills and abilities better. You only need to learn how to present it on paper, and you can do this by reading some sample cover letters given in the links below, and write effective cover letters for your resume.