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A sample cover letter for controller job.

A financial controller's resume cover letter should be designed to effectively display the candidate's ability to carry out financial planning, budget management, debt financing, and the analysis and maintenance of annual reports of the establishment's revenue and expenses. It should also outline the candidate's understanding in policy-making, foreign financial principles, budgeting procedures, and profitability analysis.

The controller cover letter should revolve around your professional qualification, while not getting into the details of your academic history or previous job responsibilities. You need to construct your cover letter in such a way that it serves as an introduction to your application, by complimenting your resume. Summarizing your resume in your cover letter will only put your reader off; so, you need to highlight only the essential skills that you possess, while shedding some light on your career interests.

The cover letter is a very effective medium of conversing with your recruiter; so, consider it as your personal note and customize it, so as to attract the reader's attention and direct it towards your knowledge, pertaining to the financial sector. Writing your cover letter is likely to seem difficult, but referring to sample cover letters might actually sprinkle some clarity over your thoughts, enabling you to organize them effectively, on a piece of paper, which will have the power to enhance your application and earn you the opportunity of an interview, if carefully drafted.

Following are certain points to be considered while writing a financial controller cover letter:

  • Remember to mention how you came to know about the job vacancy, in the introduction of your cover letter
  • Draft your letter within a page's length, to facilitate the recruiter's ease of access to essential information regarding your profile
  • Do not elaborate on your academic or employment details; however, do highlight your key skills and competencies, taking care not to get too descriptive
  • Mention your familiarity with comprehensive analysis, business plans, and CFO
  • Keep it formal, but construct your letter as if you are conversing with the reader; it needs to be more of a personal note, than just a formal presentation of your application
  • Make it a mandatory practice to mention what you will offer to the employer; an employer needs to know how you will benefit the organization, so as to decide on your employment
  • State that you have enclosed your resume along with your application and let him/her know when to contact you for discussing your profile

Below is a free sample of a controller cover letter that you can refer to, while drafting your own -

Controller Resume Cover Letter Sample

Ms. Beatrice H. Perry
1720 Chardonnay Drive
Montesano, WA 98563
Phone: (360) 249-7103

Robert S. Brink
Human Resources
254 Fort Drive
Seattle, WA 98109

Dear Mr. Brink,

In accordance with your job advertisement that was published in the December issue of City Jobs, I am honored to place my job application before you, for the position of Associate Financial Controller within your organization. I hold a Masters degree from the University of Phoenix, in the field of Financial Management, completed in the year 2009, after which I have been working as an Associate Financial Planner in MLC and NAB Wealth, WA.

Throughout my employment in the current organization, I have been constantly furbishing my knowledge and skills in finance and accounting practices, strengthening and brightening my foundation for professional growth, which was laid by education. I have been involved in several practices namely, financial forecasts, debt financing, budget analysis and policy development etc, which has helped me understand the behavior and characteristics of money, pertaining to the functions of a business, making me eligible for the profile.

I am thorough with essential cost control principles, which when coupled with my analytical and data interpretation skills, will deliver high quality results, with the purpose of regulating the financial functions within your organization, while increasing the efficiency of the finance department by offering my aid in its development. I am eagerly looking forward to become a part of your team, to share your vision and move parallel to it, eventually growing within the field of financial management.

I have enclosed my resume herewith, which consists of my academic details and current job descriptions. Please feel free to contact me anytime between 10a.m. and 8p.m. during the weekdays, if you wish to discuss my application in detail and know more about my profile.

Thank you.


Beatrice Perry

Enclosure: Resume

The above example of the controller resume cover letter will definitely give you a clear picture, as to how you need to draft your cover letter for your application. Also see for controller resume sample that may help to build another resume.

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