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A sample cover letter for tax auditor job.

A tax auditor resume cover letter clearly puts forth the candidate's proficiency in the evaluation of the finances of a given business or an individual, so as to ensure that they are in line with the tax laws and regulations of the state as well as the nation. The cover letter effectively portrays the candidate's understanding in various functions as a tax auditor such as handling tax returns, asset assessments, payroll audit, internal controls, determining the tax liability, audit documentation etc. Tax auditors are also required to give advice to businesses on the tax laws and regulations and the role may sometimes involve interviewing stakeholders too. So, the resume of a tax auditor should clearly display the above qualities.

You, as a candidate eligible for the position of a tax auditor, should also mention your efficiency in identifying any fraud practices or any mismanagement of finances in businesses. You need to showcase your ability to compute a business' liabilities, final value of assets, net profit, and the taxes payable or overpaid. Also, mention your familiarity with the tax laws and regulations, for you may need to update the businesses about several taxation rules and communicate to clear any misconceptions regarding the tax policies.

A tax auditor cover letter should also highlight your ability to recommend measures in order to increase the efficiency of a business' financial system and suggest improvements to ensure its data security. Besides providing information about your skills related to tax auditing, you are also required to highlight your transferable skills such as financial data interpretation and analytical skills, conducting financial research, organizational skills, communication skills, your awareness about various tax codes and regulations etc. Apart form this it will be good if you highlight your account managerial skills in your resume, this wil help you to get better post in the organisation.

Given below is a free sample cover letter of a tax auditor, which you can use for your reference -

Sample Tax Auditor Cover Letter

Raymond T. Lewis
2140 Baker Avenue
Plano, TX 75074
(817) 828-3073

Sally Crum
Human Resources
Cellophane Square Co
4857 Worthington Drive
Duncanville, TX 75116

Dear Ms. Crum,

I came to know about the ongoing recruitment process in your company, through your advertisement, which was posted on It is my honor to be eligible for applying for the position of an Internal Tax Auditor within your esteemed organization. I am a professional from the accounting and finance background with relevant experience of more than 6 years.

I am a graduate in the field of economics, completed from the Fort Worth College of Arts and Commerce, in the year 2003. I had been working as a Sr. Financial Planner in my most recent employment. The amount of knowledge that I gained through my previous employment, gave rise to a special interest in the taxation sector and made me realize my potential in tax auditing.

During my employment, I have been subject to a wide sector of finance, where I came across various financial and accounting principles, tax laws and regulations, budgeting, and accounts auditing practices, enabling me to become efficient in the evaluation of the annual balance sheets and profit and loss statements, asset and liability assessment, analysis, interpretation, and organization of financial data and statistics, bookkeeping, accurate net profit calculation etc. I am well aware of various tax codes and policies, and with proper training on the subject I am confident that I will be efficient in executing my roles and responsibilities as a tax auditor.

Upon being given an opportunity, I promise to explore and implement the best of my skills and abilities, aimed at conducting accurate and effective tax audits to ensure the company's adherence to all the tax laws and regulations, while suggesting improvements to bring in desired changes in the financial system of your organization, thereby eradicating any traces of flaws and contributing to the growth and financial stability of the organization.

Kindly consider my application favorably, for I sincerely await the opportunity of an interview, so that I can place before you my interests and abilities more effectively, facilitating your decision of hiring me.

Thank you for your interest in my application.

Sincere regards,

Raymond Lewis

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While referring to the above sample of the tax internal revenue service auditor resume example cover letter, do remember to customize its contents to make your application more personal. Copy-pasting the entire contents will only give rise to a generic cover letter, which is likely to be ignored.

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