Sales and Marketing Resume Cover Letter

The success of an organization depends on how effectively its goods and services reach its target market. Many organizations produce good products or render good services as compared to their competitors. However, they fail to succeed in the market because of improper marketing strategies. The Sales and Marketing personnel thus are responsible for the success of the organization. They work in cooperation with all other departments. Sales and Marketing personnel are the face of the organization. He/she is responsible for presenting the goods and services of the organization to its audiences effectively. While applying for a sales and marketing job, the candidate needs to present himself/herself very effectively and the Sales and Marketing resume cover letter would prove useful for the same.

The basic skill or quality that an employer would wish to see in Marketing or Sales professional is his/her ability to resent something, or put forth something in a way that makes it look the best. When you apply for a job in the same field, you get a chance to present this quality to the employer. He/she might analyze you based on your act of presenting yourself. If you succeed in presenting yourself effectively from amongst the other suppliers, you can directly prove your ability to the employer. Thus, your basic judgment begins from your own resume and cover letter.

When you apply using your resume, you do not get the chance of presenting the best, in a brief. This is because the resume is an account of all your career and academics. You cannot miss out on some information in your resume. It should give a complete account of your entire academic life and career. However, to make a difference or to present yourself in a way that you stand out from the crowd, you would need to present the best of yourself. Besides presenting the best, presenting the most relevant facts is equally important. This is done with the help of a cover letter.

The cover letter presents only the facts that are relevant to the position one applies for. In this case, while applying for a Sales and Marketing skill-set, the applicant will emphasize on the qualifications related to this field, and the work experience in the same. Thus, if the applicant has a degree in Marketing Management, he/she should emphasize on this rather than speaking about all the qualification or degrees. In case of work experience as well, the applicant should mention the number of years of experience he/she has but stress on relevant experience and speak about the same. This is because the other details can be found in the resume, but you can strengthen your candidature by speaking about all the relevant details. The employer might not even read your resume further, as he/she would get all the details required for deciding about this specific position in the letter.

Basics of a cover letter:

Since we have discussed, how a cover letter would be useful in presenting oneself to the employer, let us further discuss, how an effective cover letter should be.


The cover letter is written as a summary of your resume. It thus cannot exceed one page. The resume is usually 2-3 pages and the cover letter since is used to put forth the most relevant facts, should not be more than one page.


The cover letter should put forth the most relevant facts of your resume. The qualification, skills and work experience should be in relation to the position you are applying for. You might possess some other qualification and might have worked in different job profiles, but while writing a cover letter, speak about the skills and qualifications related to the job you are applying for. This will help you to be brief and precise.

The content should not be more than 3 paragraphs consisting of 3-4 sentences each.

The fourth paragraph should be the concluding paragraph, wherein you thank the reader and request him/her to give you a chance to attend the interview.

Refer to some sample cover letters in the links below. These letters cater to different positions or profiles in the field of Sales and Marketing. Find a letter that matches your profile.