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Marketing is the essence of any successful business. Any business cannot be successful unless there is a strong marketing strategy developed for it. Customers have many choices, and to overpower these choices, you need to put forth your product or service as the best, and marketing helps in doing the same. Marketing is usually confused with sales. The two terms go hand in hand, but it is a good marketing strategy that leads to sales and not vice versa. Thus, organizations give due importance to marketing, and the position of a marketing consultant is considered to be very important in an organization. To work at this position, the person needs to have a good understanding of marketing strategies and customer behavior.

A brief job description for this profile is as follows -

  1. Advise the management on marketing strategies
  2. Devise marketing plans and strategies for the products or services of the organization
  3. Study the market trend
  4. Market Research, finding new markets, new ways of penetrating in existing markets, etc.
  5. Consumer behavior research, consumer satisfaction research and devise strategies based on the results of the research

This information will help in presenting oneself as the best candidate for the said position. This position will require an experienced candidate, as it requires considerable experience in marketing.

Cover Letter Example

Jean R. Eure
3333 Virgil Street
Panama City, FL 32401
Email Address:
Date: January 5, 2014

The Recruitment Head
Benjamin L. Wall
Jim's Customer Solutions
1555 Evergreen Lane
Irvine, CA 92614

Re: Mr. Kevin Parx, Technical Head, Jim's Customer Solutions

Dear Mr. Wall,

Mr. Parx, the Technical Head, of your organization, informed me that you are in search of a good Marketing Consultant for your organization. His description about your organization, work culture and requirement of the profile interested me, and I wish to apply for the same.

With an overall experience of 8 years in marketing, and 2 years of relevant experience, I believe that I suit your organization's requirements. I started my career as a Sales Executive, worked hard to become a Marketing Manager, and am currently working as a Marketing Consultant for Kaparo Industries. My advice and marketing strategies for this organization has led to a 25% increase in their sales revenue, with the highest index of customer satisfaction.

Having studied in brief about Jim's Customer Solutions, before sending my application, I found out that there are still many areas wherein this organization could make a base for itself, and benefit by entering new markets, and penetrating deeper in the present markets. I also have some rough strategies in mind; however, I can reach a perfect solution, only when I study everything in detail. However, I am sure that my association with your organization would be beneficial for you, because there are still many hidden prospects for your business. I believe that a one-on-one discussion will help me prove my point, potential and benefit for your organization.

I request you to review my resume and call me for an interview to discuss this further.

Thank you in anticipation.


Jean R. Eure

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