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Marketing Consultant Resume

Marketing consultants are typically independent contractors who are responsible for advising, as well as formulating marketing strategies in order to help their clients in promoting and launching products and services effectively; while also collaborating with their clients' advertising and public relations departments, so as to create successful and unified plans. There are other important duties, which include researching consumer behavior and preferences in order to create the best ever strategic results while meeting consumer needs. Employers generally require marketing consultants who have obtained a bachelor's degree in a business or marketing communications field of study. In addition, internships or entry-level work experience as marketing researchers or sales representatives are also good enough reasons or credentials to have, in order to better your chances of getting hired. Marketing consultants must collaborate frequently with a company's advertising, promotion, and public relations sections, often through conferences, in order to meet strict deadlines. Travel is also essential in order to meet with various clients. Because of the demanding nature of this profession, working more than 40 hours per week is not uncommon.

The marketing consultant's role requires an analytical mind, and a personality of exceptional report writing skills, communication skills, and is able to negotiate effectively with clients. The profile requires the candidate to prepare proposals, develop an effective marketing strategy, and/or assist in the current strategy.

Working closely with the marketing department, and networking with extraneous sources, the marketing consultant will conduct interviews, design questionnaires, present well, and have exceptional research skills. They should also be able to take charge of a situation for the good of the company and its employees. Possessing extremely sound technical and computer skills is a bonus, and fantastic interpersonal skills are a must.

Resume Sample

Albert Davis
1123, IKJH Lane
DGJKN Housing
001 419 2234 887


I have been working for six years now, I am very confident about the good results and perfection of the tasks that I perform, or I am assigned with. I believe in doing complete justice to my work, as it for sure pays back.


I want to become a Senior Marketing Consultant and get to know more about this profession and profile. I want to learn the advanced skills, and also give the best to the organization I work with, by using all my existing skills.


Bachelor's in Commerce, from the University of California. Masters in Business Administration, in Marketing and Sales, from the University of California.


Diploma in Marketing and Advertising from he University of California.

Professional experience:

ABC Company
Designation: Marketing Consultant
Duration: 2 years


  • Networking
  • Negotiating
  • Presentation and communication
  • Being professional, confident and ambitious
  • Research
  • Analytical thinking
  • Planning to meet deadlines
  • Information technology
SGF Company
Designation: Marketing Representative
Duration: 4 years


  • Innovative and persuasive skills
  • Highly energetic and enthusiastic
  • Networking management skills
  • Refined communication skills both oral and written
Reference: Mr. Daniel Parker
Director, HGJ Company

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