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When you plan to take up a new activity, enter a new venture, or do something new or different, you do a little bit of research. This research helps you understand the consequences of your actions, the benefits, the procedures, etc. In a similar way, when an organization starts something new or needs to take some important decisions pertaining to marketing, products of the organization, services, marketing territory, etc., it needs a thorough market research.

Market research involves collecting data, collating the same, and finally analyzing it. Data can be collected by anyone through different sources. However, the analysis of the data is crucial, and is not child's play. Thus, the job of a Market Research Analyst (check) is important, and needs immense understanding of the market, the types of research, statistical and analytical techniques, and a strong gut feeling at times to make some decisions. To increase the chances of resume selection for interview, the applicant should resort to a market research analyst resume cover letter, and write an effective cover letter for his resume.

A brief job description for the profile of a Market Research Analyst is give below -

  • Gathering data related to the market, customers, competitors, etc.
  • Designing questionnaires, conducting surveys, etc., to collect data
  • Collating data and making use of various statistical and analytical techniques
  • Make presentations, meet clients, suppliers, etc., to get all the required information
  • Analyze the data and make conclusions
  • Explain the analysis to concerned staff, and put forth various solutions, strategies, ideas
  • Influence company's market capture, production cost, customer base in a positive manner
Usually for working at the post of a analyst, the person needs to have some relevant experience. Besides, his analytical ability and skills should be exceptionally good. He should be well acquainted with MS Excel, PowerPoint, SAS/SPSS, various analytical tools, etc. If you possess these skills and believe that you qualify for the said position, you can apply for the same, and use the sample cover letter given below to strengthen your job application.

Cover letter Example

Casey T. Eldridge
4999 Pretty View Lane
San Jose, CA 95113
Phone: 707-797-4169
January 5, 2014

The R&D Head
Carol I. Dunlap
Magnificent Group of Companies
659 John Daniel Drive
Manchester, MO 63011

Dear Mr. Dunlap,

I am Casey Eldridge, and this is with reference to the vacancy of Market Research Analyst with your organization. I saw the job opening on, and I wish to apply for the same.

I have a relevant experience of 2 years, and am currently working as an Assistant Analyst, with Crizal Ltd. I assist the market research head in designing questionnaires, planning surveys, data collection and collating, analysis of data, etc. I have a strong hold over analytical and statistical tools used in research analysis, proficient knowledge of MS Excel and PowerPoint, and good understanding of the requirements of the market and customers. A correspondence degree of Masters in Business Administration in Marketing adds to my credentials and helps me perform better.

Magnificent Group of companies is a leading name in USA, and caters to different requirements of the customers. It has different verticals and thus, has a diversified market. It would be very interesting and challenging at times to do a market research for your organization. I enjoy dynamism and challenge involved in work, and thus would be at my best with Magnificent.

I request you to review my resume for further details on my current job responsibilities, qualifications, and achievements. I believe that a personal interview will help me prove my candidature better and thus, request you for the same.

Looking forward to meet you.

Thank you.


Casey Eldridge

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