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A sample cover letter for store manager job.

A person with good experience, great managerial skills and right qualification can move up the professional ladder. Usually a person's career begins with an associate executive post, and moves up to the managerial position. One such position is that of a Store Manager. A store manager is a person responsible for managing one single retail outlet or a store. He/she is responsible for all the administrative, managerial and marketing functions of the store. While applying for such a position, one needs to check the eligibility for the same, and send in an effective store manager resume cover letter along with his/her professional resume.

The cover letter is accompanied by a resume. The employer usually cannot spare more than 3-5 minutes on one resume, and in the first 30 seconds, they decide whether they should read the resume further. Since a resume is a detailed account of one's professional and personal details, 30 seconds would lead to a wrong decision. Thus, when one writes a cover letter that summarizes the entire resume in a way that the employer gets all the information in less than 2-3 minutes, he/she can take a better decision. The only key to write a good cover letter is to understand the employer's requirements, and present oneself as the best possible candidate for the same.

Since we are discussing about the position of a Store Manager, the employer will definitely require someone with an experience in the same. Thus, a fresher would probably be ruled out in this scenario, unless mentioned specifically. We would thus, take up an example for a candidate with considerable experience in the industry.

The job description of the job title is utmost important for writing this letter. A brief job description for the position of a store manager is as follows.


  • Achieving the sales target of the outlet and working towards maximizing profits
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills to facilitate coordination with different people and departments
  • Handling customer service issues, store inventories, store accounts, security and hygiene of the store, etc.
  • Responsible for POD decisions, themes and promotion planning at the store
  • Function as the head of the employees of the store
  • Overlook the human resource activities for store employees


  • A degree as per the specification of the employer, for example Masters in Retail Management, etc., with a specified number of years of experience
  • Good leadership and management skills
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Well acquainted with various related laws
  • Good decision making power and ability to take responsibility

Some organizations do have positions like 'Trainee Store Managers'. In such cases, a fresher can apply, provided he/she meets the other criterion.

A Store Manager would approximately make an annual income of around $60000 or more.

If all this excites you, and you feel that you possess the required skills and abilities, read the cover letter given below to write one for your resume.

Sample store manager resume cover letter

Charles C. Willis
4886 Horseshoe Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19108
Ph: 570-983-5312
Email Address:

The Recruiter
Starbucks Corporation
Joseph T. Wallace
3003 Conference Center Way
Sugar Notch, PA 18706

Dear Mr. Wallace.

I am Charles Willis, and this is with reference to the job advertisement placed by Starbucks in PA Times, dated December 29, 2011, for the position of Store Manager.

I am currently working with Hutch Stores as an Asst. Store Manager, and have a total work experience of around 3.5 years. I request you to consider my resume for the position of Store Manager in your reputed firm.

Beginning my career as a Sr. Sales Executive, after completing my masters in sales and marketing, I joined Hutch and have been consistently performing well, upgrading my skills and strive to gain expertise in this field. I have always been appreciated for my work, consistently over-achieving my targets, and for being the mastermind behind some of the successful promotional strategies taken up at Hutch, PA..

Working with Starbucks, I would get a chance to take my career to the next level, and prove my ability by working with one of the best retails in USA.

Kindly review my resume enclosed with this letter, and feel free to call me for an interview as per your convenience.

Thank you in anticipation.


Charles C. Willis

The sample store manager resume cover letter serves as an outline to write one for your resume. The letter helps the applicant to speak about his/her work experience, current positions, achievements, and put forth the interest for working with the said organization. Thus, it gives a summary of the applicant's profile to the employer. This is one more help for the applicant to make their cover letter for the related position.

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