Arts Resume Cover Letter

A resume is written and submitted to apply for a job. This job application is incomplete until you write an appropriate cover letter with it. This letter not only introduces you but also summarizes your resume, such that the employer gets a complete idea of what you can offer to the organization. The employer has a set of requirements in his/her mind, and your cover letter should answer these requirements. A very important point to remember while writing this letter is that, it has to be customized as per the field you wish to work in, and the job role or designation you are applying for. Thus, for every different field and job role, you need to write a different letter. Here we would discuss about how to write an Arts resume cover letter, and also take a look at some of the sample art resume cover letters for different fields in art.

Art is a very wide field. Dance, music, drama, theater, painting, artifacts, designing, etc., there are many fields. Each person in the field of art is unique, and that is the best thing about it. One can be trained in a specific field of art, but still one has a specific inborn talent that can be imitated and taught by anyone. This USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of yours has to be reflected in your arts resume cover letter. Thus, every letter written along with the resume in this field will be different, because no two people can possess the same skills. Creativity and uniqueness is the USP of any candidate applying in this field. On the basis of this USP, you can distinguish yourself from many other applicants, and grab the employer's attention and interest. You need to interest the employer to a level that he/she thoroughly reviews your resume, and is motivated or eager enough to call you for an interview. The main purpose of a cover letter is getting you through the resume screening round, directly to the interview.

The employer follows a proper procedure of recruitment. He/she first invites an application for the job, and gets many resumes. The employer cannot afford to interview all the candidates, who apply for the job. He/she thus screens your job application. Now while doing this, if you have written an impressive cover letter that summarizes you and your resume, the possibilities of you being called for the interview increases tremendously. However, the letter should be effective and should not present a fake you. Any information presented in this letter could be verified by the employer, and also used to question you in the interview. Thus, you need to be careful while presenting your skills and abilities and not exaggerate facts. Now since you have understood what and why a cover letter is used for, we would further discuss on the format and contents of the cover letter.

The content of a cover letter:

The cover letter is a formal letter. It thus has to be precise and yet speak maximum about you.

The header:

The header of the letter will have your name and contact details. Below this, you need to write the name of the person you wish to address the letter to.

First paragraph:

The first paragraph is an introductory paragraph, and it also tells the employer the purpose of writing the letter. The employer should get the answer to three questions from this paragraph:-

  • Who you are?
  • Which post you are applying for?
  • Experience and qualification

Second Paragraph:

In the second paragraph, you answer the requirements put forth by the employer by describing your skills and expertise. The question you answer here is:-

  • Why should I choose you?
  • What can you bring to the organization?

Third paragraph:

The third paragraph will let the employer know about your interest in the organization, and how thoroughly have you researched about the organization before applying for the job. The question you answer here is:-

  • Why _______? (name of the organization)

Fourth paragraph:

The last paragraph is written with the purpose of thanking the reader and asking him to call you for an interview.

Refer to sample art resume cover letters given in the links below, and write an effective cover letter for your resume. Also check out Samples of Art Instructor Resume