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A sample of cover letter for photojournalist job.

Photojournalism is one of the branches of Journalism that caters to collect photos to describe news. It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words, so is the work of a Photojournalist. He can make news alive with still photos. A journalist can collect the news through phone, whereas a photojournalist has to go to different places to capture moments. Whatever the scenario may be, as a form of art, photojournalist always enjoys his work. He looks for the crux of the matter, and captures pictures to support his statement. With the help of a digital image, he can reveal, and appeal his viewers a lot, that a common reporter cannot. A photojournalist is responsible for providing clear and truthful images that can convey a meaningful message to the beholder. In some publication houses, photojournalists are responsible for editing films, scanning pictures, and adjusting colors with the help of Adobe Photoshop.

The duties and responsibilities of a photojournalist vary according to the nature of the publication house. He is responsible for capturing photos of real events, editing them as required, and to present them to reflect the hidden story. He should have knowledge of all digital equipments, like lens of the camera, flashes, tripods, lighting, etc. Besides, a Photojournalist must be well acquainted with computer added designs, digital medium, scanners, software editing, and photo transmission tools.

There are in-house photojournalists and freelancers, and both work in harmony with the editors, news reporters, and producers, to deliver eye-catching images that depict an event.

Cover Letter Example

Robinson Defoe
57 Hillsides
Missigua, Toronto
United States
Contact No.: 546-276-684
Email Id:

Christofer Marlow
CEO, KLP Publication House
Missigua, Toronto
United States
Contact No.: 090-567-473
Email Id:

Subject: Application for the post of Photojournalist

Dear Mr. Marlow,

I am hereby writing this letter to apply for the post of a Photojournalist in your renowned publication house. I came across this job opening on the Internet, last Tuesday. My Bachelor's degree in Photojournalism and passion for photography, has insisted me to serve for your organization.

My four years work experience in the related field has provided me rich industry expertise in graphic designing, editing, as well as presenting the image as needed by the end users.

Taking into consideration the above points, I hope that you will consider my application, and convert this prospect into a productive opportunity for both of us. If you have any query regarding my candidature, please feel free to contact me on the above-mentioned phone number and/or email id. I have enclosed a copy of my resume, and two copies of my experience certificate to further your query.

Thanking you for considering my application,

Yours sincerely,

Robinson Defoe

Enclosures: Resume and Photographs

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