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The profile of a camera operator includes activities such as handling and cleaning of a camera, sometimes directing and editing is also to be done by the operator himself. It is related to technical matters associated with camera operations. While writing a cover letter for the post of a camera operator, you have to focus on the technical matters or handling of the camera as well. Camera operator needs to have knowledge about the adjustment settings which need to be done according to the different set-ups, locations, clarity and atmosphere.

1. Specimen Cover Letter (For Experienced Candidate)

John K. Smith,
House No. 176,
South West Zone,
New York - 13243
Contact No.: 122-155-7569

Mr. William Jones
The Manager,
McKinley Brothers Advertising Agency,
544, Park Avenue Street,

Subject: an application for the position of a camera operator.

Dear Sir,

With reference to Mr. Jaffrey, assistant director I came to know about the available position of a camera operator in your agency. He informed me that you are in search of an experienced and professional camera operator.

As a camera operator I used to shoot for private events such as wedding ceremonies and various activities. But now I have two documentary films to my credit. One of them was nominated for the 'London Festival' conducted a month ago. Be assured about the technical expertise. I have functioned as an assistant camera trainee (AC) for 3 years and have achieved a level of competence with the experience in handling a variety of cameras. Find the enclosed resume and CDs of the documentaries. I learnt a lot as an assistant and would now like to function independently.

Hoping a positive reply in this regard and look forward to you for an opportunity to have a personal interview.

Thank you,

Yours sincerely,

John Smith


  • Resume
  • Cds of the documentaries

2. Sample Cover Letter (For Fresher)

Rollin Kelly,
356/78, Sylva Street,
43455, Molten Plaza,
New York
Contact No.: 156-155-7266

Mr. Jove Alexander
The Manager,
Arizona Films, Inc.
South West Avenue,
179, NV 651,
Los Angeles.

Subject: an application for the position of a camera operator

It was Mr. Collin Keller, director of photography who informed me about the position of a camera operator in your company and I wish to apply for the same.

I am fascinated towards photography and filmmaking. So, I went for courses in photography and cinematography. I assisted a camera operator on part time basis which sharpened my knowledge and imparted me with good technical handling of camera and exposure to a variety of cameras. It has definitely proved to be beneficial and helped me to achieve expertise on this ground. You can contact me on the mentioned details.

Be assured of my dedication and quick learning. Hoping for an affirmative response from you. Look forward to meet you and have a personal interaction with you. I hope that you will give a chance for the same.

Thank you,

Yours sincerely,

Rollin Kelly


  • Resume
  • Specimen CDs

Thus, cover letter for camera operator should include technical expertise in camera operations, creativity, deep knowledge about photography and filmmaking. In short, all other achievements in the area of cinematography should be included which will increase your chances of receiving a call for a personal interview.

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