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A sample cover letter for still photographer job.

In advertising agency, motion picture industry, network TV production, and media house, a still photographer is in great demand. With the help of a camera, he can immortalize a moment. For this, he should have sufficient knowledge on still photography, and also a clear vision.

If you write your cover letter for still photographer with an accurate knowledge on the work profile, it is sure to gain attention of your employer. It is better to collect some information on the institution before applying, like the status of the company in the market, their portfolio, career etc. Once you are acquainted with the company's outline, you can interact with your boss with ease and confidence.

Some samples of cover Letters for this job profile can help you to prepare your copy as required. You can make changes to these letters as per your requirements.

1. Cover Letter Sample for Fresher

Rick Stevenson
90 Broonsberry Lane
SC, United States
Phone No.: 658-376-198
E Mail Id:

Roger Morrison
65 Hillside Road
South California
United States
Phone No.: 675-345-298
E Mail Id:

Dear Mr. Morrison,

I came across the job opening of Still Photographer posted in the "Times Daily" on last Tuesday in your organization. Being a fresher in the field of Photography, I am keen to work with your company to begin my career.

My degree in Still Photography and specialization in Fine Arts have given me sufficient knowledge on the subject. Besides, I have done some projects in Still Photography during the final year of my studies that provided me the technical expertise over still, motion, color, and black and white photography. I have good eyesight and have done a course in MS WORD, Excel, Power Point, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Corel Draw.

I have done a course in multitasking, and am well versed with the on-going trends to deliver quality service as per customer requirement. I have enclosed my resume and copies of project details along with this cover letter, and expect a positive reply from your side. You can avail my contact information if you have any query.

Thanking you for considering and giving your precious time,

Sincerely yours

Rick Stevenson

Enclosure: Resume

2. Cover Letter Sample for Experienced candidates

Jack William
76 Redwing Road
Ohio, Toronto
United States
Phone No.: 564-698-432

John McGrath
56 Blackville
Ohio, Toronto
United States
Phone No.: 675-387-243
Email Id:

Dear Mr. McGrath,

I am hereby writing this letter to apply for the post of Still Photographer in your reputed institution. I came to know about the job opening via Internet on last Wednesday. My rich industry expertise and academic accolades have inspired me to apply for the esteemed designation.

I have done a diploma course in Still Photography, and a one-year certificate course in Basics of Software and Software tools.

I have a vast experience in the field of photography, and am able to capture picture and edit them as required by the end user. I have worked as an Assistant Still Photographer into "Creative Advertising" and undertook all the responsibilities related to Still Photography. I am well versed in written and verbal communication. My proficiency over languages like English, German, and French has guided me to communicate with all kinds of clients.

Therefore, I would like to request you to kindly consider me for the vacancy existing in your organization. I have attached a copy of my resume and two copies of experience certificates along with this letter. I shall be obliged to associate with your esteemed and renowned organization.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

Jack William

Enclosure: Resume

Thus, a cover letter for still photographer includes all necessary details about you as an applicant. It should reflect the matter in the simplest way. Your cover letter should highlight your skill-sets in brief which are described in the resume of photographer, to invite the recruiter for a constructive response.

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