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Photographer Resume

A photographer resume is written by a person who can make a camera such a tool that he can, with the use of it, breathe life into still frames with an integral essence of beauty in it. He doesn't use the camera to only click photos; he also uses it to capture moments. Apart from the creative satisfaction, today, this work is also done for great monetary benefits. With time, fashion and other industries have grown in scope.

Today, not only the fashion industry needs photographers to shoot photos of fashion models, but even automobile, FMCG, and other industries require photographers to do photography for their products, websites, etc., with a view to promote an overall presence in the global market. All this has made the field of photography as one of the most lucrative ones.

For being a good photographer, one should know the basic technicalities of a camera as in what is shutter speed, what is an aperture, what is light metering, what is ISO setting, the lighting specifics, and knowledge about the types of lighting arrangements and lights.

Here are some basic points that need to be kept in mind while writing any resume:

Proofread and fine tune it - After writing a resume, the next thing to do is to proofread it. This is done to eliminate the presence of any errors from the resume. Your resume needs to be free from any mistakes, as it is an important official document which acts as your first introduction to the company where you are applying for a job.

Categorize the information properly - Putting all the information together without any clear headings won't do any good for you. To make the resume more reader friendly, it is important to categorize all the information into separate sections with clearly defined headings.

Use a simple language - Use of a simple language is important while writing a resume. It is to be remembered that you are not writing a literary piece and thus, the use of a very rich vocabulary is not at all required here. You don't want the reader to not to understand a specific term or sentence, thus the language proving unyielding for you.

Length won't help - The length of your resume won't help you in any way. The resume needs to be crisp and concise. Only that information needs to be added which is, according to you, important and relevant to the kind of job you are currently applying for.

Following is a photographer resume sample for your reference.

Tony Smith
123, Greengate St.
Boston, MA, 01234
(123) 411-9876

Objective Statement:

To work hard and utilize my skills in photography towards achieving life-like photographs and adding an element of attractiveness to them, so that they are able to attract the viewer's attention.

Profile Summary:

  • Freelance product photographer since last 3 years
  • Specialized in car and sports bike photography
  • Have executed photography for some of the most elite automobile clients such as Ferrari and Suzuki
  • Have had an exhibition held of my automobile photography at King's Art Gallery, LA

Skills Summary:

  • Excellent photographer with in and out practical knowledge of cameras and lighting
  • Excellent at executing both – indoor and outdoor photo shoots
  • Good communication skills in English – both verbal and written
  • Expert in motion capture photography
  • Excellent managerial skills, especially while working with a crew

Work Experience:

Freelance Photographer

  • Worked on various photo shoot projects for some of the most elite clients such as Ferrari and Suzuki
  • Clicked photos of concept models of various cars
  • Worked on all promotional campaign photos for the clients
  • Also, executed some natural photography for various magazines

ABC Studio, LA
Automobile Photographer

  • Worked with the creative teams to design campaigns and themes for various photo shoots
  • Contributed to National Automobile Art Exhibition by sending in some of the sophisticated shots
  • Worked with both SLR and DSLR
  • Retouched the photos in Adobe Photoshop whenever asked by the creative manager or the clients

Educational Qualification:

  • Course in Design Photography, University of Louisiana, LA | 2009
  • Graduation in Arts, University of Louisiana, LA | 2008


(Put relevant details here about some of your professionally related achievements.)


Jason Fischer
Senior Creative Manager,

ABC Studio
(123) 311-6345

This is how one writes a resume. Take help of this page for tips and guidelines on writing a competent photographer resume cover letter.

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