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Columnist Resume

A columnist resume is written by a person who is a journalist and has the experience and capability to write newspaper columns. These columns contain opinion essays that are different from the usual news reports in the sense that they express an individual's opinion on a news story from a different perspective. Such a column article strives to speak directly with its readers and provides food for thought.

A columnist's job is to go through the news reports and write an analytical, comprehensive article expressing his opinions over the issue. These opinions should offer a fresh take on the already existing news report. This is done to enhance the thinking of the readers. These articles may be on any topic, of any kind - from movies to cricket or from terrorism to government policies.

A columnist resume will have the following chronological order of progression:

Objective statement - Everyone has a particular objective with regards to his/her profession. Here, you write the job objective with regards to the company mission and vision statements. This is why, you must first go through the company website before starting to write the resume.

Profile summary - This includes your specialties and other important moments of your career until now. The entire idea behind writing this section is to impress the reader by supplying him with all the meaty parts of the entire application in a single initial section. This will set up his interest level and intrigue him to read the rest of the resume.

Skills summary - You need to write about all the relevant skills that you possess and have picked up along the way during your career. You need to write this section, so as to tell the recruiter about all kinds of contributions that you can make while working for the company.

Work experience - In a reverse chronological manner, starting from the latest one to the oldest, you need to mention about the organizations that you have worked for along with the respective designations held.

Educational qualifications - In the same manner as the 'work experience' section, write about your educational qualifications.

Achievements - Mention your important achievements in the professional field.

Charlie Kauffman
123, South Boulevard
Boston, MA, 01234
(123) 422-0821

Objective Statement:

To secure the position of newspaper columnist in a reputed news agency and showcase my expertise in the writing work by writing interesting articles that offer food for thought to the readers.

Profile Summary:

  • 7 years of experience in print journalism with various titles under my belt
  • Covered interviews of several important personalities for different newspapers
  • Wrote on many international topics such as “Iraq War” and “Iranian Situation”
  • Led several projects involving important people and news coverage
  • Experienced in the field of editing

Skill Summary:

  • Excellent knowledge of editing and proofreading
  • Good at making analytical decisions
  • Good communication skills in the English language – both written and verbal
  • Extensive knowledge of various global and domestic situations
  • Excellent management skills – good team player and team leader
  • Ability to meet even the strictest of the deadlines and motivated enough to perform well under immense work pressure

Work Experience:

State Daily Newspaper, California
Reporter/ Columnist

  • Wrote columns on various topics for the newspaper
  • Handled editing duties of the 'politics' section
  • Conducted various interviews with several people of interest, thus building on the interviewing and report gathering experience
  • Completed reporting work for Business Today, a weekly magazine of State Daily Newspaper

SDF News Agency

  • Took briefs from the senior level employees and researched over the news
  • Filed fresh news after conducting interviews and collecting information
  • Handled the duties of developing stories and writing them with a new perspective for the readers
  • Worked closely with the editors of the newspaper and kept them informed about the important developments

Educational Summary:

  • Master's Degree in Print Journalism, University of California, CA, 2007
  • Bachelor's Degree in Arts, University of California, CA, 2005


(Mention a few professional achievements of yours in this section.)

This is one way of writing a columnist resume for the purpose of getting a job. The aim of a resume is as always to impress the recruiter and compel him to call you for the next round of interview. Review the tips listed above and help yourself to get enlightened about the best techniques of writing a powerful resume. All the best.

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