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The main motto of a career guide is to provide assistance to different individuals in particular situations as well as to help them in gaining better control on their career and in life. In addition, career guides are available for various kinds of fields, which include professionals, various kinds of publications, consultancy, etc.

Retail sales and customer services take a huge part in the service sector. However, retailing takes a massive division that includes food stores, departmental stores, service stores, etc. Indeed the customer service is the most essential part of the business as well as it is directly related to with the common or general customers. Therefore, a person or an individual who serves in the customer service department is quite capable of learning the needs and preferences of the customers, their opinions as well as their inclinations towards different things.

In customer service, all you have to do is to delight your customers and have a better knowledge and understanding about their preferences and choices. You should also possess good communication skills in order to handle various kinds of situations. In other way this could be helpful for both the customer as well as for the company. You even have to maintain healthy relationship with the customers in order to grow in the present market. In addition, centered on consumers and clients, this job involves day-to-day changes as well as requires you to attract new customers.


In retail sales and customer service the individuals can expect a salary around $ 11000 - 12000 per annum with a prospective improvement up to $ 18000 with experience and that too depending on the type of industry. Sometimes, certain companies do offer commissions or bonuses on the basis of performances.

Responsibilities: Basically, the work in the retailing and customer service industry varies from organization to organization. However, the main responsibilities that include are as follows:

  • Being attentive towards the needs and choices of the customers
  • Provide appropriate information regarding product quality and availability to the customers
  • Assist the clients in searching different kinds of products
  • Arranging various kinds of services to the clients
  • Making recommendations to the other members of the team
  • Accessing and inputting the required and essential data
  • Checking on the important administrative duties and their functions
  • Solving customer related problems


Retailing and customer service jobs need not require specific kind of educational qualifications. Even though, they should have a better command over their oral and written communication. This skill is required by most of the employees as they play an important role in this particular field or for the business organizations. In addition, they must have a sound knowledge of two basic subjects that are English and Mathematics.


The retail sales and customer services entail varied types of skills and qualities. These key skills are as follows:

  • Efficient and better teamwork
  • Flexible in handling various kinds of assigned tasks or duties
  • Skillful in handling difficult procedures and correcting it when necessary
  • Possess good communicational skills
  • Committed towards the work
  • Ability to remain patient at every moment while dealing with customers


In this particular field no precise experience is required in order to work as a retailer or a customer service assistant. However, experience can help you lead in this field as well as you would have a good knack over this job. Several kinds of opportunities are available in this field even though if the candidate is a fresher.

Career Progression:

Usually, there are various kinds of outstanding prospects that are available in this retailing and customer service field. In bigger organizations the employees have a better chance of promotion if they have experience in this particular field. There are major direct links associated with this profession for better career progression. Generally, it totally depends on your performance towards your job.

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