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Customer Service Assistant Careers

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Work Environment:

Customer service advisors/assistants deals with customer inquiries and complaints.

Being a customer-service assistant, you would be first contact point with company. You can cope with clients in person or you'd assist them by email/telephone, and your job might comprise:

  • organizing services for clients, like arranging insurance-policies or reserving tickets
  • providing refunds
  • providing information and assist to resolve problems
  • accepting payments for services/products

  • dealing with complaints, if required passing to manager
  • replying to customer inquiries or forwarding to other divisions
  • adding customer details in a database
  • accepting orders or trading products
With few jobs, you would deal with inquiries, and sell products or give services to clients.

Qualification, Education and Experience:

Numerous companies would prefer interpersonal-skills than standard qualifications. Though, you must have the standard education. You would discover it helpful to get experience of coping with persons on telephone or face to face.

Few employers like insurance firms and banks might seek GCSE grades (A to C) or higher-qualifications like BTEC: Diplomas or Certificates.

You might be capable of entering this field by a scheme of trainee ship. Availability of trainee ships within your region would depend on regional employment market and kinds of abilities employers want from employees.

Training Details:

Generally, you would get training at the work. Bigger companies manage own training programs.

Training might be comprise of work based evaluation for Second and Third Level NVQ into Customer-Service.

You might be capable to acquire ICS Professional-Awards into Innovations, Communications and Solutions, if your company/employer is ICS (Institution of Customer-Service) member.

If experienced, you can advance to customer-service manager and might have an opportunity to acquire NVQ: Fourth Level into Customer Service.

Skills and knowledge:

  • fundamental mathematical abilities
  • capability to work within team
  • administrative and computer abilities
  • outstanding communication-skills
  • patience and calmness under-pressure
  • interest into helping out clients
  • capability to deal difficult circumstances and complaints
  • friendly, polite and tactful approach
Salary and Other Benefits:

Remunerations for customer service assistants position are generally around $14,500 to $20,500 for a year.

Commissions/bonuses might be provided within few fields such as banking/sales.

Working Conditions:

Generally, you would work weekly for around 36 to 41 hours. Shift-work comprising of weekends and evenings is general within contact center, retail and leisure industries.

Based on company/employer, you can work by customer-service desk or within an office. Within office based posts, you'd employ much of time using computer and on telephone. Working-environment could be busy.

You might be required to put on uniform with several jobs specifically if you're coping with clients in person.

Different Opportunities:

You can discover work chances within all types of fields, comprising of regional authorities, telecommunications, retail, travel and finance.

Openings might be publicized by regional press, recruitment-organizations and firms themselves.

If experienced, you can proceed to customer-services manager executive or team head, or you can advance to account-handling or sales.


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