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As a beauty consultant you will be responsible for selling the cosmetics and assisting the patrons to select the correct beauty product so as to make the majority of their individual look.

You will basically be based in the department store. You will be working for the cosmetic company only and will sell the product of that company only. Your everyday duties and responsibilities will include:

  • suggesting appropriate products which will suit the customers coloring, face and skin-type
  • explaining how to use the product, for instance by applying make-up or providing facial
  • advertising meticulous products

  • maintaining the record of regular customer consecutively to give a modified service showing and replenishing products
  • performing routine sales duties like dealing with the payments and wrapping purchases

You can also carry out the work for the company on a temporary basis, revealing the products clients house and selling the products straightforwardly to them.


You don't require any particular qualification to become a beauty consultant, more than your exam certificates your individual persona is more important. Your appearance should be elegant and a sky-scraping standard of personal hygiene.

If you are having experience in sales, retail and customer service, it would be beneficial for you.


When you start working as a beauty consultant you will basically get the training on the job. In course of your first few weeks you can remain present at 2 -3 induction course at the training center of the company. This can be built-up.

Your company might give you some short term courses on the latest techniques and new products.

One of the following qualification might be useful for your for building up your career:

  • City and Guilds, Certificate and Diploma in Beauty Consultancy (Level 2)
  • BTEC Diploma in Retail Beauty Consultancy (Level 2)
  • ITEC Qualification
  • Certificate in Beauty Consultancy (VTCT)
  • Certificate in Cosmetics Make-up (VTCT)

If you are thinking to turn into a management role, your company might present an domestic evolution route or day release to revise for appropriate management training.


  • an sociable character and gracious manner
  • excellent sales skills
  • understandable vocal communication skills
  • good customer service skills
  • ability to make use of cosmetics for good effect as a part of own beauty routine
  • ability to get well along with the colleagues
  • ability to work in a good manner with the small team
  • excellent mathematics skills for recording and managing stock


  • Income can be approximately $13,000 to $14,000 p.a.
  • Qualified consultants can make up to $19,000 or more.

Consultants are anticipated to complete the sales targets- additionally to their salary; they may be rewarded commission on the products they advertise.


For a permanent job in the department stores you will generally work for 5 days in every week, which includes most Saturday and probably Sunday. Though, part-time work is frequent.

If you are temporary, you will categorize your own hours as per the times your clientele are expected to be at residence.


You will be working in a large store, or in a cosmetics company in a cosmetics center. There are few chances for a cosmetics consultant to work at cruise liners in hotels and airport departure lounges.

You can be temporarily employed, on behalf of a cosmetics company by selling their products from residence.

Jobs are publicized in the newspapers, employment agencies and Job center.

If you are experienced or qualified you can move to a supervisor, senior beauty care advisor position or area manager position.


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