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As a store demonstrator, you will be responsible for promoting every type of products for a manufacturer or a store. This can entail everything from demonstrating a fresh launched device to presenting samples of a new food or aroma.

Your duties and responsibilities will involve:

  • set up the displays
  • support the patrons to stop at your display
  • ensure that display area is completely stocked
  • distribute the free samples

  • maintain the records of sales
  • reveal the products
  • advertise the unique discounts or offers

You can work full-time in store or retail chain, or you may be self-employed and get work through the agency.


Recruiters search the people who have good communication skills and a passionate attitude. You will find it helpful to have prior experience of handling with the public.

You will not basically require any formal qualification to work as a store demonstrator, although you should have a Basic Food Hygiene Certificate to work with unpacked food products.


You will generally be present at briefing sessions or short term courses to know more about the products you will demonstrate, as the product knowledge is very necessary.

If you have worked as a full time employee for a company like retail store, you can participate in the employer's domestic induction and training programmers.


  • ability to grasp the information relating to new products rapidly
  • sincerity and dependability
  • excellent customer service skills
  • eagerness and a optimistic attitude
  • capable of standing for long hours
  • self-confidence and an gregarious personality
  • a gracious and open-minded manner
  • brilliant communication and people skills


  • Salary for self-employed and part-time work is usually $6 an hour or $60 to $240 a day, including expenses for travel and food.
  • Permanent salaries in retail chains can be $10,000 to $16,000 every year.


Working hours can differ, but will often include evenings and weekends to set up in with the opening hours of stores. Many jobs are temporary, sometimes for a one day to a week or more.

You can work in the stores, at exhibitions and shopping centers. You may have to travel around your local area or in the different parts of the United Kingdom.

You will have to expend much of your time in walking around the shop floor or standing at a counter. You may have to wear a uniform, a fancy dress which are given by the promoters or the promotional T-shirts.


Most of your jobs will be temporary all the way through agencies, though some superior retail chains also present chances to work straightforwardly for them.

Jobs may be advertised in the local press, recruitment and through Job center Plus.

This kind of work can be stepping stone into customer service or sales work. If you are experience, you can work for an agency which is training and appointing demonstrators and managing the customers.

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