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Shopkeeper Careers

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Work Environment:

Being a shopkeeper, you'd manage your own shop or franchise-store in support of retail-chain. Generally, you'd have entire responsibility of a shop. Independent-shopkeepers comprise antique dealers, florists, grocers, booksellers, newsagents, bakers & butchers.

You'd serve clients & perform tasks like:

  • purchasing goods from importers, agents, wholesalers & producers
  • paying attention to requests & requirements of clients which could signify new sales-chances
  • stocktaking, bookkeeping & depositing money in bank

  • packaging purchases, accepting payments & providing change
  • computing wages & takings
  • replying to inquiries & advising on products/goods to clients
Managing own store will comprise staying updated with matters like:
  • regulations including trading & managing business e.g. national-insurance payments & VAT
  • products & prices of your competitors, & utilizing this information to put prices within your store
Qualification, Education and Experience:

To be a shopkeeper, you'd require educational qualifications. Though, you'd require excellent mathematical abilities, business & people-management abilities. Any-experience into management, administration, shopwork or sales will be specifically helpful.

By beginning business, or accomplishing short/part-time courses into subject like sales, you can get ready to work as shop-keeper. You'd necessitate funding to purchase business.

Business-Link network provides various business development & support-services comprising details regarding discovering & establishing premises, tax, & VAT.

Training Details:

You'd be liable for your development, when you're managing your-own store. You can acquire qualifications like:

  • EDI: Certificate into Retail-Management
  • NVQ: First to Third Level into Customer Service
  • 'City and Guilds': Certificate into Retail-Principles
Contact regional Retail-Skills Shop, for additional details regarding learning chances & related training courses. For a directory of regional shops, check the site of National-Skills Academy.

Skills & knowledge:

  • excellent communication-skills
  • outstanding organizational & planning abilities
  • marketing abilities & capability to create sales chances
  • knowledge of finance & business
  • self motivated & energetic manner
  • capability to maintain accounts & handle money
  • dedication & capability to work for unsocial & long-hours
Salary and Other Benefits:

Annual-earnings for shopkeeper can be approximately $15,500 to $32,800

Earnings rely on service/product, size & nature of business & shopkeeper's capability to make-business work.

Working Conditions:

Generally, you'd work for longer hours comprising weekends & evenings.

The job will comprise standing for-long periods & there's carrying & lifting of goods/stock

Different Opportunities:

Being a shopkeeper, you can manage your store or also you work as a general sales person. Then again, you can purchase-franchise which will provide you with right to do business under specific business system & name.

By experience & a recognized brand-name, you can purchase another store or improve/expand premises.


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