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Petrol Service Sales Assistant Careers

Petrol Service Sales Assistant Careers

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Work Environment:

Petrol service-sales assistants sell fuel and other products to clients at service-stations and garage.

Being a petrol service-sales assistant, you'd serve consumers and get payments within shop, since consumers generally fill their motor-vehicles with gasoline/fuel at pumps. In addition to fuel/gasoline, you'd sell various other products, comprising magazines, newspapers, food and drinks. Few garages sell motor-spares, like head lamp-bulbs, oil and batteries.

Your main-tasks can comprise:

  • maintaining shop areas and forecourt tidy and clean
  • replenishing shelves
  • handling a till and receiving cheque, money and credit-card payments

  • checking how-much gasoline/fuel consumer has purchased, by computerized display-screen
  • purchasing newer stock and receive deliveries
  • maintaining fuel levels' track into storage tanks
Based on kind of process, you might be required to perform basic vehicle-checks for clients e.g. checking oil levels and tyre pressures.

Qualification, Education and Experience:

To be a petrol service sales assistant, you'd not require qualifications. Though, you must have excellent communication skills and capability to handle payments. Money handling, customer-service or retail experience would be helpful.

Few firms would hire persons above age of eighteen for legal-reasons, e.g. if work includes working within garage.

You might be capable to enter in this field by a scheme of trainee ship. Availability of Trainee ships within your region would depend on regional employment market and kinds of abilities employers want from employees.

Training Details:

You'd get training into parts of work, like retail skills, security, and health and safety.

You might be anticipated to accomplish Petrol Retail-Passport course. Check the site of Safety Pass-Alliance, for additional information and directory of training course providers.

You might be capable to accomplish NVQ: Second Level Certificate into Customer Service.

If you're working within an oil firm, you might be capable to accomplish one of firm's training programs specifically for management-posts.

Skills and knowledge:

  • a knowledge of health and safety measures
  • sincerity
  • capability to work by yourself
  • an understanding of security-issues
  • outstanding customer-service abilities
  • excellent money handling and mathematical abilities
Salary and Other Benefits:

Remunerations for petrol service sales assistants can be around $13,500 to $17,500 for a year.

Working Conditions:

Generally, you'd work weekly for around 38 to 41 hours as per shift scheme. Few service-stations are available 24-hours, thus you might be anticipated to work weekends, evenings and nights.

You'd employ much of time within shop. Though, you might sometimes assist clients at pumps. Based on outlet size, you might be required to work by yourself.

Different Opportunities:

Processes include small garages and big supermarket owned work sites. Openings are publicized by regional press.

If experienced, you can advance to manager/supervisor.

Here are certain example of sales assistant equity resume and example of sales assistant (general) resume for excelling in your interested career.


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