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Work Environment:

Being a trade-union official, you'll work as permanent on behalf of a trade union, characterizing the welfare of union associates in negotiations with employers on subjects like pay and redundancy, health and safety.

On regional level, your job might contain:

  • Advising on health and safety or legal issues
  • Managing case work and local disputes

  • Employing, training plus support shop stewards and local-officials
  • Operating as a learning delegate, encourage learning and education programs to local-members
At nationalized head-office level, you have to transact with larger issues, comprising:
  • Research
  • Media-relations
  • Increasing national strategy
  • Emerging learning and education programs for associates
  • Negotiate with employer's, political parties, organizations plus government
Since a part time union-official (frequently recognized as a shop-steward or representative), you'll be chosen by local-trade union members to convey the opinions of the workers to the administration of your corporation. You'll include a lawful right to carry out union trade through working hrs.

Qualification, Education and Experience:

You have to generally turn out to be a full time official at a union's subdivision or local office after receiving experience like an unpaid shop steward or local-representative. This will provide you in detail awareness of the mechanism of the union on ground-level.

It could moreover be probable to search paid employment being a Union Learning Representative with no experience as a local-representative or shop steward, if you posses a background in training and development.

For various posts at national head-office stage, you'll usually be trained and experienced in a professional region of work for example:

  • Economics
  • General law or employment
  • Trade-union legislation or association
  • Research
  • Media
  • Education and training
You might also link to a nationwide head office directly from university by an appropriate degree otherwise post-graduate criterion. This is most ordinary within research officer employment. Applicable degree subjects may consist of politics, social-sciences, law or economics.

On the other hand, you can work your way up by the organization from local office or branch level to effort at national-level.

For any route, you must perfectly obtain relevant salaried or voluntary-experience in regions like guidance work, negotiations or campaigning, student or local political beliefs. This might offer you a benefit while you apply for job.

Training Details:

You'll be trained on-job and furthermore attend special small courses run by:

  • Your individual union
  • Commercial-training organizations
  • TUC: Trade Union Congress
The TUC operates a planned training program covering up a series of subjects together with health and safety, advocacy skills, industrial committees and employment rule.

You can focus training classes at the TUC's Nationalized Training Center within London otherwise a local TUC training center in the region of the UK. You may even study various courses-online.

Your union could as well give several financial supports to acquire any professional examination that could be related to your profession, for example education in line management, human-resources (HR) or training and development.

Skills and knowledge:

  • A real interest in helping citizens
  • Political attentiveness plus a intense sense of justice
  • An sociable manner
  • Outstanding communication, contacting and listening ability
  • Forceful, for conducting challenging circumstances
  • Self-confidence in civic speaking
  • The capability to encourage and handle people
  • Good investigating skills
  • Persistence and tact
  • Problem resolving skill
Salary and Other Benefits:
  • Initial salaries for permanent jobs are approximately £18,500 to £26,000 a year.
  • Experienced local or nationalized officials may earn £31,000 to £51,000.
  • Earnings for senior levels like general secretary might be equal to £80,800 yearly.
Working Conditions:

In a full time career you can effort between 35 - 40 hrs in a week that could contain early start, evenings and week-ends.

You have to be agency-based but use up few of your time being present in meetings and appointing members and union-representatives.

Different Opportunities:

You might labor for unions at regional, local or nationalized level. National jobs are frequently related in London. Competition for compensated careers is good. Opportunities are publicized in the regional and national press, on the TUC website, and unions' websites and newsletters.

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With experience, you could become a regional secretary of your union, or move into a post at nationalized head-office. You can even opt to go into political affairs being a councilor or MP.


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