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Each organization has different departments like production, human resources, marketing, finance, etc. However, all these departments need a department that handles all the other activities, like - billing, keeping a record of dispatch of goods, arrival of raw material, arrange conferences or meetings, etc. There are many activities in an organization besides the basic production and marketing. These activities thus need to be handled by the clerical and administrative department or officials.

The administrative and clerical activities although counted as support activities, are very important to the organization, because completing the core activities of the organization like production and marketing are impossible, without efficient completion of these support activities. A clerk handles the documentation and records of the organization, but in case he messes up with the records, it would make things very complicated.

The qualifications and job responsibilities of a clerk or admin personnel or administrative assistant varies from organization to organization. This is because every organization has different functions and different ways of functioning. This means that the processes and procedures vary within all the organizations, and this differentiates the work profile of clerks and admin personnel.

When you think of getting into this profession, you feel that it is only the banks and schools that can give you jobs. However, you are wrong. There are many different organizations and different profiles for administrative and clerical jobs.

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Auditor
  • Barrister's Clerk
  • Secretary
  • Charity Fundraiser
  • Farm Secretary
  • Court Reporter
  • Freight Forwarder
  • Hotel Receptionist
  • Legal Secretary
  • School Secretary
  • Typist
  • Personal Assistant
  • Paralegal
  • Payroll Assistant

You might not have heard about many of these profiles. However, in this section of career guide, we would provide complete information on different career opportunities in the field of administrative and clerical jobs.

These jobs not only pertain to record keeping, documentation or accounting, but different fields provide different job opportunities. For example, a Payroll Assistant would assist the HR department of an organization in calculating the salaries of the employees, and disbursing the same. A Legal Secretary would assist a lawyer or work in a court and assist in the various cases and hearings. A Receptionist at a hotel welcomes guests and addresses the inquiries. In bigger hotels, receptionist is responsible only for welcoming guests and answering the calls at the reception. In smaller hotels, receptionist herself assigns rooms to the guests; completes the check-in formalities with the guests, etc. An Administrative Assistant looks after many activities of the organization like keeping a record of inventories for toiletry, pantry supply, sending couriers, making arrangements for meetings, parties, etc. Thus, different fields have different job responsibilities with respect to clerical and administrative fields.

Due to the change in the roles of clerical and administrative personnel, these jobs are not very much desirable for people who do not opt very high education and wish to work in some very good job profiles. These jobs do not require very highly qualified candidates. A graduate would suffice the qualification requirements for these jobs. Thus, he/she would get to work in a respectable job profile, and probably with some of the big organizations, because these profiles exist in many big organizations.

In this section of career guide, we would thus discuss the administrative and clerical job profiles. We have tried to provide you all the information related to these profiles in terms of qualification, skills, job responsibilities, scope, compensation, etc. We have tried to cover almost all job profiles in this category and help you understand the wide range of opportunities in this field. Reading the career guide on this section, you can take a wise decision about your career. Being a graduate, and living with the thought that there is no specific job for you, will be washed off once you read this section and understand that you too have good job opportunities.

In the links below, we have segregated different job profiles in this field, and provided complete information of every job profile. Read the information carefully to make a wise decision about your career.

Administrative Assistant Career
Arts Administrator Career
Assistant Immigration Officer Career
Auditor Career
Barrister's Clerk Career
Bilingual Secretary Career
Charity Fundraiser Career
Civil Service Administrative Officer Career
Civil Service Executive Officer Career
Court Administrative Officer Career
Court Reporter Career
Customs Officer Career
Diplomatic Service Officer Career
Estates Officer Career
Farm Secretary Career
Freight Forwarder Career
Health and Safety Adviser Career
Health Records Clerk Career
Hotel Receptionist Career
Human Resources Officer Career
Immigration Officer Career
Insurance Technician Career
Legal Secretary Career
Local Government Administrative Assistant Career
Local Government Officer Career
Local Government Revenues Officer Career
Medical Secretary Career
Member of Parliament (MP) Career
Paralegal Career
Patient Advice and Liaison Service Officer Career
Payroll Administrator Career
Personal Assistant Career
Post Office Customer Service Assistant Career
Printing Administrator Career
Purchasing Manager Career
Quality Control Technician Career
Receptionist Career
Recruitment Consultant Career
Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages Career
School Business Manager Career
School Secretary Career
Secretary Career
Sports Development Officer Career
Supervisor Career
Telephonist-Switchboard Operator Career
Trade Union Official Career
Trading Standards Officer Career
Typist Career

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