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Work Environment:

Being a trading standards officer TSO, it will be your job to protect consumers by promoting a safe and fair trading environment. You would work for local councils, advising on consumer law, inspecting complaints and act against traders who break the rule.

You can cover a series of issues, together with:

  • Animal welfare
  • Counterfeit goods
  • Product labeling
  • Weights and measures
  • Under-age sales

In several careers you might be engaged in all features of business standards work, or you could specialize in one region. Your responsibilities may include:

  • Appointing local-traders and businesses for regular checks or to examine complaints
  • Acquiring samples of commodities for test
  • Inspecting that weighing machine plus measurements are correct
  • Making certain that labeling is accurate and marketing isn't misleading
  • Directing customers and dealings regarding the law
  • Investigate alleged offenses, which might contain illegally or surveillance labor
  • Organizing facts and heading for court in suit cases
  • Presenting talks, lettering reports plus maintaining records
You'll be encouraged in your career through enforcement or fair-trading officers who perform similar job however don't transact with weights and measures, and customer advisers that are often the people's primary point of contact within a business standards section.

Qualification, Education and Experience:


The most ordinary approach to initiate in this profession is to learn for a customer protection degree supported via the (TSI) Trading Standard Institution.

To obtain a customer protection grade, you'll generally require minimum 5 GCSEs: A to C together with English, math's as well as science, plus two 'A' levels. Further credentials and relevant job experience could be acknowledged, so verify opening requirements by universities.

If you previously contain a degree in an applicable topic for example law, food science or retail management, you can otherwise get Manchester Metropolitan University's Post-graduate, Diploma/MSc into Trading-Standards (1 yr full time or 2 years part time).

Few regional authorities might support you for the customer protection-degree. This signifies that you'll acquire work-experience at the same time as you learn, and it could even direct to an employment after your graduation. As you have graduated as of the customer protection-course, you should then acquire a post as a trainee-TSO and learn in favor of the Diploma in Consumer Affairs and Trading-Standards (DCATS) while you're working.

Getting in without a degree

As an option to opening by obtaining a customer-protection degree, it may be probable to relate for job as a consumer-adviser otherwise trainee enforcement-officer through a local power. You might afterward study headed for certified TSI qualifications on the job and finally work your approach to TSO.

At this stage you have to typically begin by captivating the TSI's Foundation-Certification in customer Affairs and Trading-Standards (FCATS) on the career, prior to shifting on to the (DCATS) once you cover additional experience. Regional authority trading-standards sectors employ natives from a broad range of surroundings. For whichever route, you'll get it valuable to include earlier experience of retail, legal or advice job.

Training Details:

While you're working as a trainee TSO, you'll study on-job and even learn for proficient qualifications through the Trading-Standards Institution. Which are:

  • Foundation Certification in Consumer Affairs and Trading-Standards (FCATS): - an entry-level requirement in consumer law: you don't have to acquire this education if you already cover a customer protection grade
  • Module Certificates into Consumer Affairs and Trading-Standards: - particular subject exams in 9 regions of trading-standards job
  • Diploma within (DCATS) Consumer Affairs and Trading-Standards: - the lawful necessity to be a fully skilled TSO.
To attain DCATS you should clear minimum 3 module certification, and present a portfolio of office proof. DCATS generally takes about 18 months; moreover you are able to study intended for the examination through distance-learning or by means of a local certified training source.

You must continue updating your understanding and skills all through your career. The TSI presents the Higher-Diploma in Consumer Affairs and Trading-Standards (HDCATS) on behalf of experienced trading-standards officers, in addition a variety of small courses.

Skills and knowledge:

  • Excellent spoken and written communication proficiency
  • Good examination and awareness to detail
  • The capability to recognize technical plus difficult information
  • Superior judgment
  • The ability to effort single-handedly or being component of a team
  • Serenity, determination and flexibility
  • Tact, discretion also assertiveness
  • Computer and arithmetical skills
  • A driving license, since traveling is necessary for the job
Salary and Other Benefits:
  • Opening salaries intended for enforcement officers and trainee TSO's are among £16,500 and £20,700 yearly.
  • When experienced, this may go up to £26,000 to £32,600.
  • Some higher TSOs be able to get around £34,000 and £52,000 annually.
Working Conditions:

In the majority jobs you have to work approximately 37 hrs in a week, with several unsocial hrs if you want to visit pubs and clubs in the evening or market-traders by the week-end.

You'll contain a workplace base, but have to expend a lot of your instance traveling about the regional area, appointing traders and attending court.

Different Opportunities:

Large amount of full time jobs are among local-authorities or, within Northern Ireland, the Trading-Standards Service. There are moreover openings for short term agreement work with professional agencies.

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Careers might be publicized in the regional and national newspaper, council websites, as well as on the LG careers and Trading-Standards Institution websites.

The majority of trading-standards sectors recommend a clear endorsement arrangement to higher TSO, divisional officer, team-leader or section head, and chief or principal trading-standards officer. Otherwise, with experience you can shift to private consultancy job.


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