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Airport Information Assistant Careers

Airport Information Assistant Careers

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Being an airport information assistant your main tasks will be to assist the passenger in airport terminal, coping with requirements for details and informing the passengers regarding the changes in flights.

Your duties and responsibilities will include:

  • providing current details on the flights and services
  • announcing the public address systems
  • dealing with the criticism

  • administering the passengers around the airport, for instance to the correct leaving gate
  • giving answers to the telephone enquiries
  • checking and updating a mechanical information of flight system

You will spend most of your time on the information desk in the main concourse, working as a small team part.

In small airports your tasks will include:

  • swapping money
  • hiring car and booking hotels
  • coping with lost property


Many employers will look ahead that you have an excellent general standard of education, which include GCSE (A-C) in the subjects like mathematics and English or other corresponding qualification. You should have completed 18 years to fulfill with shift work guideline.

Employers may also search for:

  • past experience of functioning in a consumer service position
  • applicant who have their own transportation or resides near to the airport
  • ease in minimum one foreign language especially German and French

You can get work on a provisional or continuing contract earlier than applying for a permanent role.

You can also enter into this profession with the help of Apprenticeship. The series of Apprenticeship available in your area will be based on the local job market and the types of talent employer require from their personnel. For all the information on apprenticeships, go through


Your employer will generally place you through a structured induction program. This will involve practical exercises, presentations and videos covering:

  • becoming accustomed with the airport
  • handling automated information of flight
  • disaster and flight procedures
  • making use of public address system

You will be supported to work for the following work-based qualifications:

  • NVQ in Coordinating Aviation Operations on the Ground (Level 3)
  • NVQ in Providing Aviation Operations on the Ground (Level 2)


  • good communication skills
  • ability to work in the team
  • excellent computer skills
  • capability of reacting rapidly and proficiently to the needs of customer
  • discretion and delicacy to handle complex situations
  • elegant appearance


  • Opening salaries can be between £ 11,000 and £ 14,000 yearly.
  • With experience and additional duties, this will increase to between £ 17,000 and £ 24,000 every year.


Information desks are basically staffed for 24 hours a day and you will generally work in shift on a rota. Recreational hours might be presented.

Airports are frequently demanding, noisy and crowded. You will handle a variety of enquiries and might have to make use of your own proposal in certain circumstances, like assisting the passenger who are not able to talk in English, or assisting to bring back together parents with lost kid.


You will work straightforwardly for an airport, or for an airline operating in a specific airport. As per the GoSkills, the Sector Skills Council for transportation, there is a high attention of jobs in south-east and London as there are many airports in that area.

You will get the following helpful for the job post and general reading:

  • Royal Aeronautical Society Recruitment
  • British Airways Jobs
  • Listing of airlines operating from British airports

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