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Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Resume

With the boost of aviation industry in the recent years and increase in the number of passengers opting for air travel and overall count of aircrafts, many related job opportunities have become available for the aspiring candidates.

One of the posts for which the applicants apply is aircraft maintenance engineer. Aircraft maintenance engineer is a professional who looks after the maintenance of aircrafts. He is assigned to look after and repair aircrafts and try to maintain them in the running order. So, as you can see, the job involves a lot of hard work and responsibilities.

During the application for the post of aircraft maintenance engineer, applicants will first have to write a proper aircraft maintenance engineer resume. The resume should be written in such a fashion that the recruiter gets a proper picture about the applicant's potential for the post.

Writing a resume is not an easy task and quite time consuming one as well. Applicants, therefore, need to know the proper technique and knowledge of writing an aircraft maintenance resume properly, so as to gain better results during the job application.

Below given is a list of rules and steps which applicants need to follow in order to make their resumes look more attractive and efficient.

Tips for writing an aircraft maintenance engineer resume:

  • Format: First of all, applicants must select a resume format which will act as the base for the resume. Formatting helps applicants to write the resume in a more organized manner and gives it a professional look
  • Important points: Applicants must mention about their academic, personal, and professional aspects clearly and place them in the resume according to the format. They should also mention about the skills and knowledge they possess in the skills section of the resume
  • Short and brief: Applicants must keep the resume as much short and brief as possible. Applicants must use bullet points wherever necessary and should not write long and clumsy sentences and paragraphs
  • Official tone: Applicants should write the resume in an official tone. Use of casual words and phrases and an informal tone is not recommended while writing a resume

Below is a sample of aircraft maintenance engineer resume that will help applicants in writing a better resume for their job applications.

Shane S. Jonson
7th Perkins Street,
Perkins Grape Gardens
Loss Angeles, CA 23235

(456) 552 0502

Career Objective:

To obtain a position as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer in a well organized aviation firm, where I can use my abilities and know-how to assist in the maintenance of airplanes, thus helping in the proper running of the organization.

Career Summary:

Job experience of working as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer in a reputed aviation corporation for a period of 5 years. Excellent knowledge of aerospace and aeronautical science and technology.

Summary of Skills:

  • Strong hold on aircraft maintenance and engine servicing
  • Highly proficient in dealing with the mechanical, electrical, and software malfunctions of aircrafts
  • Solid expertise in solving aerospace and crucial aeronautical problems
  • Expert in handling all types of tools and equipment used during maintenance and servicing
  • Good communication skills and co-worker relationship maintenance skills
  • Knowledge and expertise in handling various parts of an airplane that includes landing gears, fuselages, tail and fins, wings, etc.

Professional Summary:

Company: Falcon Airways
Duration: March 2009 - Till Date
Post: Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Duties performed:

  • Working as a primary aircraft maintenance engineer
  • Performing condition checking of flights, including pre-landing and post-landing checking
  • Checking important vitals and statistics
  • Handling various technical issues
  • Reporting and communicating with the functioning and operational staff

Academic History:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Aeronautical Engineering and Related Sciences from New York University in 2007
  • Master's Degree in Aeronautics from University of New York in 2009


This is to declare that the above information provided is true to my knowledge.


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The above sample and tips provided on how to write an efficient aircraft maintenance engineer resume will surely help applicants in their job application for the post.

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