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Aerospace Design Engineer Resume

Aerospace or aircraft manufacturing and maintenance industry is very wide and needs immense talent and expertise. The personnel working on the mechanics, designs, software, etc., of aircrafts are skilled and possess the required qualifications. An aerospace engineering degree is the basic requirement to work for the manufacturing, maintenance, or design of an aircraft.

While pursuing aerospace engineering, one can opt for design engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, research and development, etc. Aerospace design engineering is a field wherein the engineer is responsible for coming up with new and innovative designs of aircrafts, making improvisations in the existing designs to help improve the efficiency of the aircraft. Thus, this professional could be a part of aerospace mechanics or research and development pertaining to the same.

When it comes to applying for a job or internship, the candidate should make sure that his credentials, skills, and expertise pertaining to the said field are portrayed effectively and bundled precisely in a resume such that the employer gets convinced to an extent and selects his resume over that of others. To help you win such an opportunity, we have provided a sample of aerospace design engineer resume herewith.

Paul S. David
5412 Riverview Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32104
Phone: 806-123-1401

Career Objective:

Willing to achieve the best in my career and work with some of the best organizations, wherein I get to work with the best minds of this field. I would like to be a part of not only design engineering, but also a sector which works on new concepts and designs to make aircrafts more safer and economical.

Career Summary:

Currently employed with SkyDive Aircraft Maintenance & Design and possesses thorough expertise in maintenance, conceptualizing, and designing of aircrafts. Worked on complex aircraft design projects and assisted in developing new designs that made aircrafts more safer and economical.

Summary of Skills:

  • Thorough with the concepts and techniques of aerospace engineering
  • Well acquainted with the working of engine systems, structuring of an aircraft, etc.
  • Expertise in designing and improvising aircraft designs
  • Thorough with the aerodynamics and thermodynamics
  • Understanding of safety regulations, civil aviations laws, etc.
  • Knowledgeable about the maintenance of aircrafts
  • Good at troubleshooting and locating the defects or faults
  • Well acquainted with different manuals pertaining to aerospace engineering such as Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM), Structural Repair Manual (SRM), etc.
  • Expertise in using AutoCAD, Pro E, etc., for simulating designs

Professional Experiences:

Current Employer - SkyDive Aircraft Maintenance & Design, Florida
Designation: Aerospace Design & Maintenance Engineer
(2012 - till date)

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Conceptualizing and making blueprints of the designs of aircrafts
  • Coming up with new designs that accumulate various needs of aircraft designing such as space, safety, feasibility, etc.
  • Shouldering the responsibility of handling the maintenance and renovation of old aircrafts, finding defects and rectifying the same, troubleshooting, etc.
  • Handling the fabricating, designing, testing, etc., of different aerospace parts and structures
  • Demonstrating expertise in using various design tools and simulation techniques and presenting designs to the management to get an approval for the same
  • Coordinating with the purchase, software, and quality department before finalizing the designs and working on test models
  • Analyzing current structures and designs of aircrafts, identifying drawbacks, and working towards optimizing the same
  • Training junior engineers and explaining them the practical applicability of various concepts
  • Designing crew rests, cargo equipment, lavatories, etc.
  • Trying to incorporate the latest innovations pertaining to aerospace software in aircraft designs

Previous Employers:

HD Aerospace Engineering, Florida
Designation: Assistant Aerospace Engineer

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Reporting to the Sr. Engineer
  • Assisting in designing, constructing, fabricating, testing, etc.
  • Handling the maintenance of aircrafts, identifying faults, determining drawbacks of a certain design, etc.
  • Assisting in making CAD blueprints of a design, studying the feasibility of the design, making presentations on the same, etc.
  • Checking whether the designs and structures match the specifications and safety regulations
  • Analyzing the current designs and structures
  • Assisting in the purchase of raw materials, inventories, equipment, spares, etc.
  • Identifying the flaws in engineering practices and making necessary recommendations to improvise the same


  • Master of Aerospace Engineering, University of Jacksonville, Florida - 2010
  • Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering, University of Jacksonville, Florida - 2008


Looking for suitable opportunities in aircraft design engineering and wishing to work with some of the biggest names in aerospace engineering.


Available on request

Paul S. David

The sample of aerospace design engineering resume given above puts forth the skills and abilities of an aerospace design engineer and expresses his desire of working in the design engineering field. The job responsibilities give a clear idea of all his duties and experiences and thus, make it simple for the employer to judge and decide as to which skills match the job requirements. Thus, the resume should effectively bundle all the required information and present it as precisely as possible, so as to present only the required information. The above given resume sample can be used and altered as required to draft a resume for yourself. Now get started and secure a winning career.

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