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Air Quality Engineer Resume

Writing an air quality engineer resume is not that difficult; applicants just need to know the proper technique of writing one for their job applications.

An air quality engineer is a person who looks after the quality and condition of the air. He performs several tasks, conducts experiments, and analyzes the air quality of a particular place or area. Applicants must, therefore, possess complete knowledge about the field and should be able to utilize it when hired to work for the post of air quality engineer.

Many applicants face problems while writing a resume, as they are not clear about the procedure of constructing one. Applicants applying for air quality engineer position may face similar problems when they attempt to write a resume. Applicants must know how to create an impressive resume in order to create maximum impact on the recruiter. The basic purpose of a resume is to enlighten the recruiter about the expertise and skills possessed by the applicant. So, the applicants must mention the skills and knowledge they possess in the field. However, applicants need to follow certain rules and regulations while writing a resume.

The first step for creating an excellent resume is to select a proper format. A format or layout design will help applicants in organizing the facts about their personal, academic, and professional aspects in the resume. Without a format, the resume will look disorganized and untidy.

Applicants must, therefore, perform some online research and select the appropriate format for their job applications. After selecting a proper format, applicants can start filling in their resumes.

Below are some tips that applicants can use while constructing their resumes.

Tips for writing an air quality engineer resume:

  • Brief and simple: Applicants must keep the resume brief and simple. No recruiter will have time to read a long stretched resume. Applicants must use bullet points wherever necessary. There should be no long sentences and paragraphs. Applicants must also not provide additional information irrelevant to the job post
  • Highlighting the important points: Applicants must highlight the points which they feel are appropriate for the job post. Skills, professional experience, academic history, etc., must be carefully written
  • Maintaining an official tone: The resume must be written with an official tone. Maintaining a formal tone is important, as it gives the resume a professional touch. Applicants must not use casual or informal language
  • Proofreading: Proofreading is important as it helps in reducing the possibilities of grammatical and spelling errors. Applicants must proofread the finished resume several times before sending it to the recruiter
  • No addressing: The resume must not be addressed to anybody or the company directly. The addressing part is done via a cover letter that will go along with the resume

Below is a sample of air quality engineer resume that will help applicants in the better understanding of how to construct a proper resume for their job applications.

Sebastian Huntington
101 Harrison Avenue, South China Market
West Brooklyn, New York City (345 3522)
Email address:
Phone: 9302 204225

Career Objective:

To obtain a challenging position as an Air Quality Engineer in a prestigious firm, where my expertise and skills will be utilized for the development of the organization as well as to hone my own professional experience.

Career Summary:

Presently working as an Air Quality Engineer in an established company, where I have been working since 2010 for a period of 4 years. Highly versed with the field of air pollution and air quality maintenance and possesses good communication and work management skills.

Skills Summary:

  • Expertise in the field of air pollution, emission norms, air pollution regulations, air pollutants, etc.
  • Proficiency in the field of several industrial processes, calculation of combustion, determining impact on environment, short and long term consequences, etc.
  • Ability to handle tools and equipment involved in determining air quality
  • Good knowledge of computer operations and proficiency in handling several computer software and applications needed to function in the field
  • Well versed with the fields of V permitting, BACT, PSD, and NSR compliance curriculums
  • Ability to work under presume
  • Good communication skills and expertise in maintaining health relations with the co-workers

Work Experience:

Company: AMX Internationals Pvt. Ltd
Designation: Air Quality Engineer
Duration: June 2010 - Till Date


  • Handling the work of conducting tests and performing air quality analysis
  • Preparing reports on emission, quantifying pollutants, etc., and determining their effect on humans and the environment
  • Performing tests on climatic aspects such as greenhouse effect, energy efficiency, reductions in emission, etc.
  • Maintaining good and healthy relationships with clients and customers and resolving their queries
  • Also, involving in the designing and monitory work

Academic History:

  • Post Graduation in Environmental Engineering from Miami University
  • Graduation in Environmental Science from Saint Louis College of Science
  • High School Diploma from New York City International High School


I hereby declare that the information provided above is true to my knowledge.


Will be provided on request.

We hope that the above tips and sample of air quality engineer resume will surely help applicants in writing their own resumes appropriately, which will surely create a positive impact on the recruiter.

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