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Work Environment:

Sales assistants assist clients and play a significant role into making shopping-experience pleasing. Being a sales-assistant, you'd work within all types of retail-outlets comprising departmental stores, supermarkets and clothing retailers.

Your-job can comprise:

  • dealing with grievances/complaints or forwarding to manager
  • assisting clients to get products they need
  • purchasing products which are not available
  • accepting payment through card/cash

  • promoting store-cards or special-offers
  • providing details about prices and products
  • advising and serving clients
  • displaying products or arranging shelves in attractive-manner
  • informing about stock's availability
Within few shops e.g. electrical products stores, cellular phone stores or DIY, you'd be anticipated to have in depth knowledge of product.

Within small independent-stores your tasks will be different and might comprise accepting deliveries of goods and organizing window displays.

Qualification, Education and Experience:

Most of the owners/employers would be interested into positive attitude and interpersonal skills than standard qualifications. Though, you'd be anticipated to have mathematical abilities since you'd be checking stock-levels and handling money.

If you've working-experience with people and handling money, you'd have a benefit while applying for retail-jobs. Numerous shops hire temporary employees at busy periods like Christmas and this could be an excellent manner of acquiring experience which could guide to permanent-job.

You might be capable to enter in this field by a scheme of Trainee ship. Availability of Trainee ships within your region would depend on regional employment market and kinds of abilities employers want from employees.

Training Details:

Generally, you'd get training at the work. Bigger retailers generally have training-programs, while you begin your work and for continuing training all through career.

Training might comprise opportunity to acquire vocational qualifications like First, Second and Third Level Diplomas and Certificates into Retail Skills with specializations into:

  • Sales-Professional
  • Retail-Management
  • Retail-Knowledge
  • Visual-Merchandising
Diplomas and Certificates provided by organizations comprising OCR, Edexcel and ABC, and might be obtainable at National Retail-Skills Academy training-centers and regional colleges.

You might get other-training specific to work like food hygiene-training, if you're working with fresh-produce like meats/fish.

Skills and knowledge:

  • honesty
  • helpful, friendly and polite approach
  • responsible and dependable-attitude
  • capability to work within team
  • fundamental mathematical abilities to check stock and deal with payments
  • outstanding interpersonal and communication skills
  • stamina
  • tact and self confidence to handle difficult clients
Salary and Other Benefits:
  • Remunerations for General sales assistants can be approximately $12,500 to $16,700 for a year.
  • Annual-earnings of supervisors can be around $17,500 to $21,300.
Numerous bigger retail firms provide benefits such as bonus, staff-discounts and commission.

Working Conditions:

Generally, you'd work weekly for around 36 to 41 hours, probably comprising evenings and weekends, and you might also be required to work in shift-pattern.

You'd employ much of working-time on feet and might be required to carry and lift goods. Generally, you'd be anticipated to put on uniform.

Different Opportunities:

Openings might be publicized by regional press and sites of firms.

If experienced, you can advance to retail-merchandising or management.

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