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Call center Operator Careers

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Call center or contact center operators gives answers to the enquires from the customers through telephone and e-mail, and also probably by fax, post or text messages.

Your exact duties and responsibilities will depend on the employer. For instance, you can work for:

  • financial institution- giving advice about the products and services, carrying out market research and working in telesales to produce leads
  • mail-order companies- handling the orders of customer, complaints and enquires and credit and debit card
  • advisory service- presenting caller services like welfare and benefits advice, analysis, legal information or assist with careers
  • IT help lines- giving first-line support to callers to undertake and assist them in fixing computer problems

You will mostly be accessing and updating the records of the customers on computer database. If you are experienced, then you will have to carry out the additional duties like training, guiding new staff and quality control.


Employers basically search the people with individual qualities like self-confidence. You may not require any formal qualification, although you should know basic mathematics and you should be rationally literate.

If you become flourishing in finding a job interview, it will basically contain keyboard tests and practical telephone.

Most of the colleges present with the introductory courses in a call center methods even and though they are not necessary, they might give you benefit when searching for work. The courses include:

  • Certificate in Contact Center Skills, City and Guilds (4422)
  • BTEC Awards- Introduction of Contact Centers

Many colleges might need more specific knowledge. For example for an IT support helpline job, you may require or be eager to work towards a computer maintenance qualification.

You may enter into this field though apprenticeship scheme. The variety of Apprenticeship available in your area will depend on the skill required by the employer from their workers and local job market. Go through the website of apprenticeship for more details.


You will be given training on the job, once you have started with your work which also covers the areas like data entry events, knowledge of products and telephone skills. You will be trained by the administrator while handling your first call.

You will be working towards various National Vocational Qualifications which include:

  • Contact center Operation (Level 1 and 2)
  • Telesales (Level 2 and 3)
  • Contact center Professionals (Level 3, 4 and 5)

The NVQ will cover up with the areas like building up customer relationships, sales procedures, IT skills, quality control, handling the staff and resources and presentation management.

You can also obtain a general qualification like an NVQ in Customer Service, or a qualification particular to your industry. For instance, National Vocational Qualification in finance, travel and tourism, information services include units on call managing techniques.

You will get more comprehensive information about the qualifications for this sector on the website of e-skills UK.


  • excellent customer care skills
  • a understandable and gracious telephone tone
  • proficient with the computers
  • good communication skills
  • ability to work with the team
  • ability to work without supervision
  • ability to work under stress and rapidly
  • a skilled attitude while handling the customers

Foreign language might be useful for some jobs.


  • Classic starting income is around $ 12,000 to $ 15,000 yearly.
  • If experienced this can increase to around $ 18,000.
  • Earnings for team leaders can be between $ 18,000 and $ 24,000.

Additional benefit and commission payments might increase the earning.


You will frequently have the choice of full-time or part-time hours, with more companies presenting flexible working prototype, occasionally may be on shift system. In case of full time job you will have to work for 36 to 40 hours every week.

You will spend much of your time at the trying a telephone headset and computer which will put down your hands open to put in information and recall records of customers.

In some of the call center, you might have a everlasting desk.


You will get more job opportunities with the financial institutions mail order companies, advisory services and IT help lines.

All the vacancies are publicized on the Job center, local press and recruitment agencies.

If you are experienced and trained, you can make a progress to team leader and administration level. Other alternative will include resource planning, working in human resource, marketing and training.


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