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Marketing Sales and Advertising Career Guide

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Marketing sales and advertising goes hand in hand today. Gone are the days when the people bought what they were served. Today, the company has to sell what the customer wants. There is a wide variety of choice in the market available to a customer. If not option A, he will go for option B. so what is it that ensures that the customer sticks to option A? It is simple- marketing and advertising strategy.

Any business is run with one common goal- increasing its client/ customer base and making profits. This is done by effectively implementing the marketing and advertising strategies. The basic aim of marketing is to increase the customer base of the company so as to boost the sales and thus the profitability. Marketing department makes sales and promotional strategies by bringing in the sales and PR team. These teams implement the sales, advertising and publicity strategies to attract a greater potential customer base. In all of this, the role of PR can't be ignored. Today, PR plays an equally important role in boosting the sales by building fruitful direct relations between the customer and the company.

Among some of the new platforms for sales and advertising, today social networks are the most preferred tools for promoting one's product or service. Internet sites like Facebook and Twitter are great and inexpensive platforms for promotion and one-to-one interaction with the customers. They are a great help when it comes to advertising.

This field involves the services of many kinds of professionals ranging from call center executives to copy writers, sales mangers to PR executives. While market research executives provide the basis of the entire campaign, it is up to the marketing and advertising guys to construct an effective strategy around the available details to make profitable deals. And this is the reason why a strong sales and marketing management is required.

Marketing managers- They are entrusted with the task of studying the research reports and accordingly design a marketing strategy in terms of cost, sales and profit. They make all the decision in lieu of the changing marketing trends and competition offered by the other competing products. They have to coordinate with the sales and PR department too and together they decide upon the USP of the product.

Advertising managers- They work on building a sales strategy by deciding upon the kind of ad campaigns for the product and selecting the appropriate communication medium. They also have to look into the creative aspect of the entire campaign like- ad copy, design, concept and the entire feel of it.

PR managers- PR managers/ executives make sure that a two-way interaction between the company and its customer is maintained. They help build a favorable company image by organizing promotional events and media conferences. They even manage situations of crisis where the company's image is in danger due to some defective product or some miscommunication between the public and the company. Writing office literature like newsletters and press releases about important events is one of the very important tasks that they undertake.

Qualifications and Skills Required

These executives work under tight time constraints and have to be at all places at the same time. They need to be experts at multi-tasking. Inter-personal skills are a must here because in this field, an executive has to interact with many kinds of people on a daily basis. In terms of educational qualifications-

  • For managerial posts- Masters in marketing/ ad/ sales
  • For junior posts- Graduation degree
  • For copy writers- At least high school

In lieu of the above mentioned duties and responsibilities that these people carry out, the demand of the marketing, sales and advertising professionals will continue to be on the upswing. For this reason they need to be ready to take on the market as and when required. Following is a list of a number of job descriptions that come under the marketing, sales and promotions departments.

Advertising Account Executive Career
Advertising Account Planner Career
Advertising Art Director Career
Advertising Copywriter Career
Advertising Media Buyer Career
Advertising Media Planner Career
Art Valuer Career
Bookseller Career
Buyer Career
Call Center Operator Career
Conference and Exhibition Organizer Career
Estate Agent Career
Events Manager Career
Fashion Model Career
Image Consultant Career
Letting Agent Career
Market Research Analyst Career
Market Research Executive Career
Market Research Interviewer Career
Marketing Executive Career
Marketing Manager Career
Medical Sales Representative Career
Music Promotions Manager Career
Public Relations Officer Career
Sales Manager Career
Sales Promotion Executive Career
Sales Representative Career
Wine Merchant Career

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Arts, Crafts and Design Careers
Catering Services Careers
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