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Tourist Information center Assistant Careers

Tourist Information Center Assistant Careers

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Tourist information center (TIC) assistant give information to assist the people to create the majority of their appointment to the confined area. Information can be provided individually on the phone or in writing.

Being a TIC assistant, your work will include:

  • arranging the shows in the center
  • arranging the shows in the center
  • remaining advanced with the home lodging, visiting places, events and activities

  • giving answers to the enquires by making use of the computer, timetables, advertising material, handbook and national tic reference kits
  • formulating booking for instance theater performance, coach travel and lodging
  • replenishing free text and goods for sale

You will also ensure that the center is neat and tidy and vend goods like postcards, handbooks, stamps, gifts, confined craft items and memento.


It is not obligatory that you should possess a set qualification to work as the TIC assistant, and employers will frequently consider the right personal qualities for the job to be as important as, or more important than qualifications. However, you will be anticipated to have a excellent standard of education, and some employer might prefer you to have a GCSEs (A-C) or same qualifications.

Experience and skills of customer service and cash handling will be helpful, and you might also have the benefit if you are having:

  • understanding of sign language
  • the ability to communicate in more than one foreign languages (this can be necessary for doing the job in the port, airport or major tourism destination)


Being a new TIC assistant, you will get training on the job, but might remain present at Tourist Board introduction courses. You can also attend other specialist TIC skills courses which cover areas like:

  • national reference material
  • knowledge of products
  • particular TIC services
  • promotional and advertising skills
  • Welcome Host customer service training
  • other training related to TIC services and systems

Go through the site of Welcome to Excellence for information of Welcome Host training.

  • Welcome to Excellence

You can work towards National Vocational Qualifications in Travel and Tourism Services (Level 2 & 3).


  • a gracious and pleasurable manner
  • ability to work calmly and effectively under pressure
  • excellent general knowledge of the home area and its desirability and amenities
  • customer services skills
  • good questioning and listening skills
  • a elegant approach
  • eagerness for continually modernize your skills and knowledge
  • outstanding computer skills


Tourist information center assistant can make from £: 16,000 to around £ 20,000 every year.


Your working hours will be based on the location. Many centers open daily in peak period, so you might work on bank holidays and weekends. Many jobs are recreational and very few TICs are only open for the summer season.

You can work in the different TIC building or in place like libraries, local authority offices, ports, museums, airports, and motorway services areas.


You may see the site of Britain Express for the listing of TICs- the majority is operated by home authorities or provincial tourist boards.

  • Britain Express

Jobs are publicized in the local newspaper, on LG jobs and on Job center Plus, the employment site for the local government.

  • LG jobs

If experienced, you can make advancement to the management or supervisory role.

You can also get the chance to shift into regional or area tourist board jobs, home authority tourism department, or other areas of travel and tourism industry.


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