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Sport Leisure and Tourism Career Guide

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Sport Leisure and Tourism career guide can involve you in a wide array of sporting activities that include cultural tourism, leisure tourism and wide varieties of sports. However, in the present situation there are several available options within this upcoming sector such as tourist manager, sightseer operator, sports or games instructor, holiday representative, fitness manager and so on. In the current scenario, it is witnessed that the tourism, sports, leisure and the hospitality sector earns a lot, as it has major hold over industries across the entire world. Hence, a majority of the population would desire to work in the field of leisure, sports and tourism industries and help people to enjoy their leisure time away from the fast moving world.

The leisure sport and the tourism sector are mainly responsible for handling several entertainment sections and gaming zones. The leisure sports include numerous sports such as golf, tennis, horse riding, swimming, lacrosse, etc. and therefore, such sports require well trained instructors and coaches to handle and administer the smooth running of these available facilities. Hence, several job positions are available in the upcoming sector and so, even the national governing bodies look after such sectors. This certainly helps in the growth of the nation. In addition, the tourism sector is a responsible sector as they have to escort several people to various tourists' places, guide them about the sightseeing attractions, talk about the themed walks as well as arrange special interest zones for the tourists. Such things require well trained guides who have excellent navigation skills and possess good knowledge regarding the tourist places.

The business in this field has several focused career opportunities and therefore, a majority of graduates desire to work for this respective and renowned industrial zone. This would certainly help you in promoting your career and fulfill your dreams at a very early stage. In addition, even the working environment is quite flexible and the services carried out are quite innovative, resourceful and artistic.

Salary: The salary for the tourist guides or holiday representatives depends on the employer and even on the location to be visited. Several holiday representatives are self employed and therefore, they have their own charges. In addition, the salary for the sport instructors or leisure managers depends on the post. However, approximately the leisure Manager earns around $17,000 to $25,000 annually; whereas, the senior managers earn about $ 35,000 to $40,000 annually.

Working Hours: The working hours for the leisure sports is around 37-40 hours a week, which includes early hours of the morning, evenings, some of the weekends or national holidays. People working for this sector have to be flexible with timings as you have to be in touch with every member of the center. In addition, the working time of the tourist guides depends on the season and demand. As the profession is somehow or slightly seasonal and therefore, you might have to work for 40-45 hours a week during peak season. You have to be on your feet with the tourists in order, to accompany them.

Responsibilities: Basically, the main responsibilities of the sport leisure and tourism are to take the tourists for some adventurous or relaxing sports center or take them to some historical place or monument. They have to take complete care of the tourists as well as manage their planned events. The main responsibilities are as follows:

  • Plan the destinations wished by the tourists
  • Assist them in their travel and take complete health care of the tourists
  • Look after the safety of the tourists while sightseeing and other visiting places
  • Instruct the tourists about the techniques during the leisure sports
  • Manage their sports routines and look after their movements
  • Keep in touch with every member during their visit

Qualifications: The tourism and leisure sport instructor should be well qualified, as they have to handle the questions put forth by the tourists. As a competent tourist guide, people expect you to know much about the places and therefore, they ask several questions. However, the guides are provided with several sessions of training and so, they should possess specified qualifications that include Grade I Certificate in Travel and Tourism and Grade III Certificate in Destination Travel. In addition, even for leisure sport instructor they should be qualified enough with degrees in leisure studies or recreation management.

Skills and Knowledge: The tourism and leisure sport persons should possess a variety of skills as this would help them in their services. The core skills are as follows:

  • Possess good communicational and satisfying abilities
  • Flexible enough to work on specified or late hour timings
  • Competent enough to handle the administrative and management problems
  • Possess better interest in the field of sports, physical fitness and willingness to work with varied people
  • Sharp memory to remember important facts, figures and events
  • Efficient knowledge in the fields of arts, sports, tourist places, etc.
  • Confident enough to handle a group of people

Experience: The willing candidates applied for this entertainment field, should possess certain amount of experience. This helps them to progress in their field and boosts up their confidence while handling different kinds of assigned jobs or services. Hence, a minimal amount of work experience regarding the field is extremely important in order to gain maximum career profit.

Opportunities: There are several bright opportunities if the potential effort is put in to this field. However, with bigger institutions the opportunities are much higher. Even you can have your own organization that would include health club chains or sports centers. In addition, several tourists' guides have their own travel companies and in this way, they make huge profits and build a bright career.

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