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Market Trader Careers

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Work Environment:

Being a market trader (stall holder), you'd sell products from covered/indoor markets and street stalls. Products can be anything-from antiques and second-hand/new books to meat and fish.

Your-job would comprise:

  • maintaining records of products sold and purchased, comprising VAT information
  • arranging stall and unloading van
  • stocktaking and choosing which replacement-goods are required
  • giving visits to warehouses/suppliers and negotiating products' price

  • accepting payments for products and providing change
  • early morning-trips to wholesale-market to purchase goods
  • standing-behind stall, giving advice and encouraging clients to purchase
  • closing up stall in the-end of day
You'd stay updated with regulations of market and newest laws about employment and trading.

Being a market-trader trading own handmade-crafts, you'd employ time voyaging to craft-markets and fairs, purchasing materials and creating products. You can utilize stall to provide service like key cutting.

Qualification, Education and Experience:

To be a market trader, you don't require educational qualifications. Though, English and fundamental mathematical abilities are helpful. Your capability as seller are essential than qualifications.

You can begin by assisting at stall on part time basis, since it could be hard to acquire a stall in established-market. By this-experience, you can attend-market as casual-market trader, which can guide to acquiring a stall.

Generally, stalls are rented from market-operator, administered by regional authority. You'd generally require:

  • driving license and vehicle like van
  • public liability-insurance
  • be minimum age seventeen/eighteen
  • funds/capital to purchase goods
Training Details:

Training comprises learning at the work by experienced market traders.

There are few short training-courses you can carry out, offered by regional authorities or market-operator. You might discover it helpful to accomplish course into subject like bookkeeping agency resume sample.

For additional information about courses, contact regional Retail-Skills Shop. For a directory of regional shops, visit the site of National-Skills Academy.

Skills and knowledge:

  • excellent mathematical abilities to maintain accounts and handle cash
  • self confidence and enthusiasm to sell products
  • capability to comprehend and stay updated with trading-regulations and laws
  • capability to deal with all types of persons
  • creativeness and capability to arrange an attractive-stall
  • pleasant and friendly personality
  • business abilities for sale of products and competitive pricing
  • capability to convince and negotiate
IT abilities might be helpful to administer stock and maintain records of expenditure and income.

Salary and Other Benefits:

  • Market trader managing small-stall would get about $7,100 for a year.
  • Annual-income by stall functioning several-days weekly might be around $16,200 to $27,500.
Market traders trading specialist products could get more.

Market-traders should pay for vehicle, stall's rent and stock from earnings.

Working Conditions:

Working-hours can differ. Though, you'd generally begin around 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. and close approximately 5.30 p.m. or 6 p.m. You'd generally work on weekends.

You can work within one-market, or in various markets. You might employ time voyaging to purchase and gather products for stall.

Different Opportunities:

Generally, regional authorities manage large covered/outdoor markets, high-street markets and indoor markets.

Your career-prospects for coming into trading can depend on kind of products you're selling. If you're trading a less common-line of products, chances of acquiring permanent place might improve. You'd have to be acquainted with types of markets-where your products would sell.

There are some chances to function as a worker and get a salary, although usually you'd work on freelance basis.

Being a well established market trader, you can develop by hiring staff and establishing stalls within nearby-markets. Few traders expand/work their business overseas.


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