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School Bus Driver Resume

School bus driver resume must be error less and quite effective in order to create a strong and impulsive impression on your hiring employer. This is quite a responsible job position, as a driver has to safely transport students to their schools and responsibly drop them back to their respective destinations or locations where associated school activities are conducted. Moreover, a school bus driver has to strictly abide by the traffic and safety norms and conditions when it comes to the prompt security service for school kids and teenagers.

Basically, a driver has to get a commercial driving license (CDL) from the licensing authority of the state to operate as a driver. School bus drivers are responsible for following proper school systems and being knowledgeable about student conduct. They play an important and outstanding role in student community service and so, they are in charge of handling the students' safe transportation service, interacting with several kids and teenagers, strict compiling of traffic rules and regulations, maintaining the heating and ventilation instruments of the school bus, looking after the expected discipline, etc.

Candidates who have the potential to develop their professional careers in this particular field should draft an impressive resume application. For your complete support and understanding, you are provided with a perfect resume pattern for the post of school bus driver.

241 Findley Avenue
36th Blvd
Mott, ND - 58646
Phone: (701) 824-9833

Career Objective:

Seeking a better job position as a school bus driver in a well-recognized institution, where I can have special training in dealing with various kinds of students. Wishing to develop my exceptional driving skills and become a responsible bus driver.

Career Summary:

Exceptionally cautious, skilled, and talented in handling the school bus transportation service for school children; ten years of complete experience in working as a school bus driver. Capable of communicating with students of different grades, their families, and the school authorities.


  • Diploma Program in Health & Educational Programs from Southwestern College, New Mexico
  • Driver's License, Class-A, CDL, License No. XXXXX
  • Graduation in Transport & Sanitation from Northern New Mexico College, New Mexico in 2004 - Grade A
  • High School from Navajo State High School, New Mexico in 2001 - Grade A in Commerce

Skills Summary:

  • Demonstrated sound work ethics and knowledge to deal with children of different ages
  • Ten years of complete experience in this particular profession
  • Complete knowledge regarding the highway and school bus rules and regulations
  • Responsible, honest, and trustworthy enough and possesses cultural awareness
  • Skilled in dealing with certain special needs of kids, children, and teenagers
  • Flexible to handle the transportation service for public affairs and other school events

Technical and Professional Skills:

  • Complete knowledge and understanding regarding time and stress management
  • Skilled in handling the scheduling system and associated procedures
  • Proficient in maintaining the overall condition of the school bus as per the standard regulations
  • Familiar in operating the school bus safely and efficiently
  • Ability to handle and solve several kinds of analytical and technical problems efficiently

Work Experience:

Current Employer: Gilmore State High School (2009 - till date)
Designation: School Bus Driver
Job responsibilities:

  • Handled the overall transportation schedule for school buses and picked up and dropped students as per the provided schedules
  • Looked after the complete maintenance and servicing of the transportation vehicle before starting the pick-up
  • Transported the students safely to their destination by following the established time schedule and also assisted in transporting them during educational trips
  • Inspected the overall automatic controls, looked after the condition of harnesses and safety belts and secured students to wheelchairs
  • Communicated with staff members, students, and their family members for confirming the pick and drop for the day

Previous Employer: Monroe State High School (2004-2009)
Designation: School Bus Driver
Job responsibilities:

  • Operated the school bus safely and efficiently and strictly followed the rules and regulations ordered by the institution
  • Performed various inspections and handled the minor technical and mechanical operations including changing oil, brakes, etc.
  • Ensured complete safety of the children before leaving the school premises and regularly performed security and maintenance checks
  • Maintained complete records regarding the pick up and delivery of the students as per the decided and scheduled set
  • Maintained complete discipline in the school bus and made a note of any kind of behavioral issues or other problems

Achievements and Awards:

  • Complimented for handling the complete safety and security of school children while driving in heavy traffic and on highways and maintaining the precautionary measures
  • Remarked for strictly following the school's rules and regulations, handling the parents and school system personnel, and maintaining the overall condition of the school bus
  • Awarded for handling proper routes for transportation, maintaining complete discipline in the bus, communicating with every kid, and handling the scheduled maintenance work at Monroe State High School


John Dalton - Vice Principal
Florence Community High School

Ducky Mallard - Senior Professor
Saint Peter's State High School

Mary Milan - Senior Administrator
Barnard Community High School

Mobility and Flexibility:

Willing to relocate anywhere in West Virginia and New York


I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct and true as per my knowledge.

Barbara L. Bloomfield

In order to secure a better and challenging job position, you have to create an impressive resume application. Here, you are provided with a free resume sample for the post of school bus driver. With its complete assistance, you can draft an application that can help you in achieving your desired goals and objectives.

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