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Coach Bus Driver Resume

A motor coach operator or coach bus driver is a person assigned as a driver by transport companies (both government and private). The main responsibility of a coach bus driver is to transport the passengers from one destination to the other. It includes the pick-and-drop facility for passengers on a daily basis and long tours (if planned by the organization). It is essential to know the job responsibilities before you write a coach bus driver resume. As far as the educational details are concerned, a high school diploma is required. It is not mandatory to have a university degree to become a coach bus driver.

Job Responsibilities of a Coach Bus Driver:

  • Must ensure passenger safety
  • Must know the traffic rules and regulations
  • Must have a valid license
  • Must have the knowledge about the maintenance of vehicles and should be able to troubleshoot minor faults

While you write a coach bus driver resume, it is your responsibility to mention the details thoroughly for the employer to understand. Make sure that you have a clear track record and the employer gets a good impression about your personality. It might be possible that the employer will ask you to write the reasons for leaving your previous job; be honest and write genuine reasons. If you do not know about resume writing, refer the sample of coach driver resume given below. It will definitely make your work easy! Use simple language, proof read the resume, and check if all the mandatory details are present in your document.

Steven C. Word
2535 Golf Course Drive
Alexandria, VA 22312
GG Block no.7
Email address:
Phone: 784-545-34534

Career Objective:

With the experience that I have gained over the years, I would want to work as a Coach Bus Driver in an organization, where I would be given vital assignments apart from the regular work load.

Career Summary:

I have worked as an Assistant Coach Operator in ALLMills Grops Pvt. Ltd., for 3 years and later as a Senior Motor Operator in FMGG Food Groups Pvt. Ltd., for 2 years. I hold a clear driving record and have handled both the pick up and drop services and heavy goods transport section in both the companies.

Educational Details:

  • High School Diploma, High School Certificate, Alexandria, VA

Work Experience:

Industry: ALLMills Grops Pvt. Ltd.
Job Title: Assistant Coach Operator
Duration: 3 years

Job Responsibilities:

  • Pick up employees for the morning shift (3 days a week) and drop them home (2 days a week)
  • Ensure the safety of passengers by making sure that essential aids are available in the bus for emergency
  • Prepare a schedule for the pick up an drop facility and submit it to the senior motor operator
  • Know the transport rules and regulations of the company
  • Handle the supply chain unit of the company
  • Load/unload the materials at proper destinations and in the given time
  • Check and maintain the vehicle from time to time
  • Report to the manager (transports) in case of any issues relating to the vehicle
  • Give tests for the drivers on a monthly basis

Industry: FMGG Food Groups Pvt. Ltd
Job Title: Senior Motor Operator
Duration: 2 years

Job Responsibilities:

  • Troubleshoot the problems faced by junior motor operators
  • Maintain the count of the vehicles in the organization
  • Handle the pick up and drop facility for the employees working in night shifts
  • Work in sync with the supply chain and transport department
  • Make sure that proper arrangements are made available for junior coach drivers
  • Check the driver's license of junior coach drivers and apprentice drivers
  • Make sure that the daily report is submitted to the transport manager

Languages Known:

English, Spanish, Korean, German, French (Mother tongue)


  • Jack J. Eames
    JJ Block no.007
    4215 White Avenue
    Corpus Christi, TX 78409
    Contact Number: 232-3432-4342

  • Jonathan J. Hollenbeck
    KK Block number 8
    2739 High Meadow Lane
    Moosic, PA 18507
    Email Address:
    Contact Number: 232-3432-4211

    This sample of coach bus driver resume would help you to get an idea about effective resume writing. Read the job advertisement put forth by the employer before you write the job responsibilities in your resume (your resume is essential as far as the shortlisting is considered). So, make sure that all the relevant details are present in your resume. In case of any ambiguity, check the sample of coach bus driver resume given here. Do not get confused between the motor operator and coach driver position; they are the same!

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