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Staffing Clerk Resume

A staffing clerk resume aims to bring to light the candidate's ability to perform organizational, clerical, and administrative duties concerning the staffing necessities within a given organization, hospital, or an institute. As a staffing clerk, you'll be expected to regulate staff turnover, monitor and maintain staffing schedules, etc., in order to ensure the availability of human resources throughout the organization. Although your resume is the mediator that presents your qualities and experience to the employer, the cover letter, which aims to introduce the reader to your application, is equally important. Your job application comprises of these two documents, along with any associated enclosures which may range from the copies of your academic or experience-related documentation, to the copies of your passport or your driving license. As this is the only official tool for expressing your willingness to become an active part of the organization, you need to take special efforts to enhance your profile, and make it look all the more valuable, maintaining simplicity of information, and without exaggerating.

How to begin

It is often noticed that starting to write a resume is the most difficult phase to conquer. This blockage arises due to lack of knowledge concerning the employer's expectations. You need to know what you should present to the reader, in order to influence his judgment favorably. Your application needs to be employer-centered, and it must hold complete relevancy to your employment scenario. In order to know what a reader comes looking for in your resume, you need to contact the company beforehand, and discuss your interests and application with one of its recruiters, which would eventually help you gather some knowledge about what they would prefer to see in your resume. If you do not have enough time to do that, then you can simply visit the company website, and get to understand their vision. This will help you connect your goals to theirs. Accordingly, you can make a list of the qualities and expertise you possess, and select the ones that hold utmost significance to the specifications of the job you're seeking.

How to frame your objective

Every resume must feature a career objective at the start, so as to draw the reader's attention towards your application, and also provide a brief outline of your interests, focusing on bridging the gap between your need for an opportunity, and the requirements put forth by the employer. The sample of staffing clerk resume shown below, features a career objective that is targeted at the employer's needs. You need to try and frame effective sentences, which would facilitate the projection of multiple details in one sentence. Consider including your current designation, the amount of experience, and your area of expertise, so that your objective also acts as a title to your resume.

Reduce the size of the contents without diminishing information

The staffing clerk resume sample given below, features an executive summary, which is an efficient substitute for the previous job descriptions. This effective act of customization ensures optimal space utilization, and helps to restrict the length of your resume to one page only. Comprising of about 6-8 bulleted points, this section explains the job roles that you've undertaken so far, eliminating the irrelevant or the insignificant ones, to ensure a quick and a highly informative read. If you have too much information to state, or if you think you can't fit it all within 8 points, then try combining two or more relevant information into one sentence.

Similarly, showcase your skills and knowledge, keeping the section from any general or commonplace skill sets that you possess. This will help maintain specificity to your employer's needs. Given below is a free sample resume for a staffing clerk. Observe and adopt its format, and pay attention to the arrangement of information. Refer to its contents, and customize them before you include them in your resume.

Sample Resume (Staffing Clerk)

Nathalie S. Flores
4696 Steve Hunt Road
Pompano Beach, FL 33064
(305) 791-8160


Staffing Clerk, with over 2 years of experience in handling and regulating the staffing requirements for departments such as sales, marketing, accounts, operations, and HR, seeks an opportunity to execute core staffing functions, and serve to ensure efficiency and advancement of your organizational structure.

Executive Summary:

  • Initiated, duplicated, and maintained staffing schedules, monitored absenteeism, and compiled the recorded data into employee attendance reports
  • Ordered essential office supplies and stationary, responsible for petty cash management during recruitment and staffing
  • Aided the payroll process, and distributed paychecks to employees of all departments
  • Coordinated with the HR Manager and external recruitment agencies concerning the company's staffing needs
  • Performed data entry into electronic system of scheduling, considering optimal storage for easy access and distribution of significant information
  • Constantly monitored and verified all staffing assignments outsourced to the recruitment agency
  • Handled internal reallocation or promotion of staffs under the direction and supervision of the HR Manager
  • Worked as a receptionist in a logistics company, as part of my internship

Skills and Knowledge:

  • Deep knowledge of staffing models, and good understanding of their implementation
  • Strong multitasking skills, ability to prioritize tasks according to their degree of importance
  • Proficient in handling great volumes of incoming calls, and provide answers or essential information associated with the job specifications
  • Highly efficient in the interpretation and analysis of electronic staffing, work shift, and skill codes
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, characterized by strong sense of honesty, integrity, and care towards the employees and co-workers
  • Sound inspirational and motivational skills, facilitating the promotion of organizational philosophies, goals, and values, by giving oral or written instructions

Employment History:

2010 - present
BellSouth Astaire - Coral Springs, FL
Staffing Clerk

2008 - 2009
Bindrone Logistics - Oakland Park, FL


Graduated from Monarch High School, 2008
Placed in Grade B+


Available on request

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