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Storage Design Architect Resume

A storage design architect resume covers the candidate's expertise in designing and delivering fundamental technical storage solutions, while it brings into light his interests pertaining to the career line of storage architecture. However, it is to be remembered that a career interest has got nothing to do with the employer, if it isn't in tune with the employer's requirements. The purpose of the resume is to portray the candidate's strengths, goals, and capabilities, but through a resume that is employer centered. All the information projected in a resume should be strictly specific to the available job profile. Visiting the company website or contacting the recruiter to discuss their vision in detail would definitely give you a clear idea of their expectations from you as a potential employee.


A standard resume starts with your personal details, followed by a skillfully framed career objective that puts forth your aspirations. Frame an effective one to grip the reader onto your application. What follows the objective need to be carefully customized, so as to give the resume a personal appeal. One such idea of customization is to include a profile summary instead of the previous job descriptions, which are generally included in the employment section. Include an executive summary with 6-8 points stating your involvement in the fundamental activities and functions throughout your profession, but in brief. Include the information of only the important roles that you have played so far, leaving out any general or irrelevant facts. This will sum up your professional qualification into a highly informative section, which is sure to keep the reader engaged.

Showcase your qualities

Also include a section that is dedicated to displaying your key skills and technical knowledge. Include about 5-6 points highlighting your character as a skilled professional. Now, list your employment history, projecting only the fundamental details such as the duration of employment, the name and location of the company, and your designation within the company. Arrange the information in a reverse chronological order. Any additional information, further specific to your previous employments, must be included in this section, following the base details mentioned above. You may also include your achievements here, or you may add a separate section for it. Also, unless you're a recently graduated student, you don't need to elaborate your educational background. Simply mention the base details as shown in the storage design architect resume sample given below.

Carefully observe its layout and understand the idea of customization. Study the highlighting and the arrangement of information, to get a clear idea of how and what you need to present before the recruiter.

Jimmy J. Coulter
2086 Hiney Road
Crosby, ND 58730
(701) 965-7879


Seeking an opportunity to further get to the core of designing storage solutions for data structures, bringing in innovative and evolved practices, thus setting a track for desirable modern deviation facilitating secure information storage.

Profile Summary:

  • Coordinated with architects and various design and development firms and communities,s and offer high quality services in data storage and access systems
  • Thoroughly involved in installation management and electric planning
  • Experienced in documenting and communicating product updates and status of order with existing and potential clients
  • High degree of involvement in project management support and engineering analysis
  • Closely familiar in the design and development of various software and distribution systems
  • Collaborated with middleware and application architects and subject matter experts to define and dictate storage technology strategies, logical specifications, position statements, and data center strategies, transform these strategies into technology road-maps
  • Adopted modern innovations and provided essential training and mentoring programs for junior architects

Key Skills:

  • In depth understanding of various internet and networking protocols
  • Expert in server development, event messaging, and object oriented designing
  • Proficient with C++, Java, algorithm design, online transaction processing, and Shell scripting using Perl and Python
  • Self-motivated and confident, quick decisiveness; highly efficient in risk assessment and handling critical situations
  • Sound experience in the use of SQL, MySQL, and REST
  • High degree of involvement in the construction of distributed systems

Employment History:

2008 till 2012
Mazcot Blocks - Crosby, ND
Storage Architect

2003 - 2008
Expand Abstract - Crosby, ND
Software Engineer/Sr. Software Engineer

1999 - 2002
Crust West Corp - Buffalo, WY
Sr. IT Consultant

Academic Qualification:

Bachelor of Information Technology1999
Sheridan College, WY
Placed in grade A


Available upon request

The above sample of storage design architect resume shows a perfect enhancement, displaying all facts with utter clarity, all specific to the available job profile. Browse the website for more resume templates and cover letter samples.

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