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Junior Architect Resume

A junior architect resume exhibits essential qualities pertaining to the development and implementation of architectural plans and specifications for construction of buildings, campuses, and other installations. It starts with a career objective, designed to express your interests and goals as an architect. The objective also acts as a heading, outlining your intentions. And hence, contacting the employer prior to drafting the job application is considered as a rewarding practice. Discussing the vision of the company with one of its recruiters and getting to know their expectations from you as a potential employee will certainly add to clarity. It is very important to know what to promote before you market your profile. While the resume acts as a portrait of your professional background, it also serves as a personal medium of communication that can establish a strong link between you and the company.

Enhance by customization

A common confusion amongst those applying for jobs questions the enhancement of their profile. It is often found that although the candidates strive to be precise with facts, they fail to gain the attention of the reader. This is due to lack of adequate personalization. Your application must be personal to your scenario, with all information especially connecting to the employer's needs or the job specifications. One simple way to customize the layout of your resume effectively is by including a profile summary, as a substitute for your previous job descriptions. This way, you can eliminate all irrelevant or general information pertaining to your role in previous employments, thus projecting only the most significant information, which will in turn speak of you as a valuable asset to the company. Here, you need to include 6-8 points, highlighting the major job responsibilities that you have undertaken so far. You may also include the details of any accomplishments; however, if there are more than two points, then it is advised that you include a separate section for it, following your educational qualification.

Keeping the reader engaged

Once you have projected the fundamental elements shaping your profile, you need to introduce the reader to your professional qualities and architectural knowledge; see the junior architect resume sample given below. Notice that all informatory sentences are highlighted using bullets, except for the career objective. This facilitates better visibility and an easy flow of information. Use your marketing skills and promote your capabilities effectively, so as to stand out amongst a pile of job application.

You'll also notice in the sample resume that the employment history and the academic details are not elaborated. This is because we have already summarized your profile earlier. As far as educational details are concerned, you need not provide the course details unless you're recently graduated. Simply include the basic details, as shown below. Also note that your career objective, along with the profile summary will work towards drawing the attention of the reader. It is your job to organize the rest of the information so as to keep him engaged in your application until he is finished reading. A simple, informative, and a worthwhile read is what he's looking for.

See below for a free sample of a junior architect resume, provided for your reference:

Jarred P. Fellows
2615 Providence Lane
Glendora, CA 91740
(626) 963-7631


Jr. Architect with 7 years of total experience in the design, tuning, and implementation of architectural plans for residential and commercial construction projects, seeks an opportunity to further get to the core of architecture and grow as an active participant in the ongoing developmental process.

Profile Summary:

  • Coordinated with senior architects in the preparation and dictation of construction specifications, quality, and safety standards
  • Determined project requirements, including materials, equipment, and labor; analyzed environmental factors affecting constructional projects
  • Conducted feasibility analysis and land surveys, estimate the overall cost of installation, construction, and maintenance
  • Involved in heavy design work, ensuring compliance to the established governmental standards and the requirements put forth by the clients
  • Analyzed space utilization, innovate object placements for optimum utilization of space, considering industrial demands and recommendations from fellow architects involved in the project
  • Researched and compiled primary data for computing space and design requirements, campus planning, long-range planning, and capital improvement
  • Performed preliminary code analysis, created renderings, facilitating the progression of a project to materialization from its conceptual stages
  • Performed quality check on drawings and administered inventory control, materials procurement, and performance analysis

Key Skills:

  • Familiar with various types of construction materials and their distinguishing features
  • Thorough understanding of the established federal codes and state facility requirements
  • Strategic principles for completing work within short time frames, known for meeting deadlines
  • Expert in AutoCAD designing, proficient with Revit, SketchUp, Bentley Microstation, and Bentley BIM
  • Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office Works, Microsoft Access, Adobe Acrobat and Photoshop
  • Excellent graphic designing skills, with strong sense of 3-dimensional designs

Professional Experience:

2009 - 2012
CutStone Constructions - Glendora, CA
Jr. Architect

2004 - 2008
Amosbuilt Construction Co. - Charter Oak, CA
Landscape Designer


PG Diploma in Interior Design 2009
California State Polytechnic University
Placed in grade A

BA in Architecture 2004
UCLA - Los Angeles, CA
Placed in Grade A


Available upon request

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