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Disaster Recovery Architect Resume

A disaster recovery architect resume projects the candidate's proficiency in the development of technological systems that aid the smooth functioning of business processes. It shows your ability to keep the business functioning in the midst of potential disruptions, while expressing your career related interests and goals, specific to the job profile that you are seeking. The resume starts with a career objective, immediately following your contact details, which speaks of your aspirations as an IT professional, and your willingness to become an active part of an ongoing technical advancement. It is absolutely necessary that you stay in tune with the employer's needs, throughout the resume. It is therefore advised that you visit the company website or talk to on of its recruiters to get to know their vision. You need to determine their expectations before you can start marketing your abilities. You need to know what to sell, promoting random qualities will not fetch you the opportunity of an interview.

Customize you resume

Including a profile summary that exhibits your professional background, highlighting all the fundamental roles that you have played during your previous employments. This is one idea of customization. Here, the previous job descriptions are skipped, so as to keep the resume very specific to the job profile that you are applying for. You need to summarize your work experience into 6-8 bulleted points, taking care to avoid all general or commonplace facts and figures. Also, make sure that you stay connected to the job specifications while doing so. You may club together two or more points to present as one bullet point. This way, you can ensure that you cover all essential activities that you have been involved in, with brevity and precision.

Showcase your abilities

Once you have summarized your profile, include 5-6 points, zooming in on your qualities and capabilities as a skilled solutions architect and a knowledgeable candidate. The quality of the information that you project here will greatly influence the reader's decision, as well as his judgment as to whether you are a desirable candidate and a valuable asset to the company. Do remember that you must include only those competencies that you have not mentioned in the profile summary. Avoid repetitive information. Similarly, keep all the information thoroughly organized, to facilitate a smooth and uniform flow.

In the disaster recovery architect resume sample given below, you'll notice that the employment history and academic section only bears the basic details. There is no need to elaborate here, if you have covered all important points in the profile summary. However, if you are left with further details, specific to a particular employment of the past, then you may certainly include the information, along with the employment details, highlighting them using bullets for better visibility. Similarly, you need not get into the course details of your study programs, unless you're a recently graduated student.

See below for a free sample of a disaster recovery architect resume. Observe its layout and study the nature of its contents to acquire more clarity.

Ricardo L. Williams
1056 Adamsville Road
McAllen, TX 78501
(956) 656-1131

Career Objective:

Solutions Architect, with over 3 years of experience in the development of architectural solutions, seeks an opportunity to further ensure the continued operation of business systems and critical processes, and facilitate rapid recovery after potential disasters, irrespective of their causes.

Profile Summary:

  • Identified potential threats, prepared architectural solutions for the longevity of critical technological infrastructure, ensuring successful restoration of key resources, and recovery following a human-induced or a natural disaster
  • Applied control mechanisms and preventive, detective, and corrective measures, aimed at eliminating potential threats of varied nature
  • Involved in business continuity planning for the resumption of critical data, applications, hardware, networking, and related IT infrastructure
  • Coordinated with other architects to ensure that the company's IT infrastructure is properly equipped and configured to yield optimal outcomes
  • Establish and dictate the application of testing methodologies, to check for possible errors and loose ends
  • Monitored the performance of existing disaster recovery plans, and suggested possible improvements or updates for increased efficacy
  • Provided technical support to business systems and various functional areas, using root-cause elimination troubleshooting strategy

Key Skills:

  • Proficient in the analysis and evaluation of complex technical strategies for compatibility check
  • Sound knowledge of industry standards, FCC regulations, and fundamental long-term business needs and policies
  • Expert in th procurement of new systems and software, holding potential connections with distributors and vendors
  • Fundamental knowledge of business data processing, relational database architecture, database analysis, information engineering, transaction processing, and communications protocols
  • Sound knowledge of wide and local area networks and client/server technology
  • Expert analyst, highly efficient in project management, and critical situation handling
  • experienced in the use of infrastructure technology such as virtualization, data integration and storage, information security, automation, and cloud architecture

Work Experience:

2009 - present
Sierra Title - McAllen, TX
Solutions Architect - Disaster Recovery

2003 - 2007
TriNet International - McAllen, TX
Sr. Engineer - Information Security

2001 - 2003
Genco Technical Services
IT Consultant


Masters in Business Administration 2009
Texas State University
Placed in grade B

Completed bachelor's degree in Information Technology 2000
Lamar University
Placed in grade A


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