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Civil Engineer Resume

A civil engineer resume speaks of the candidate's proficiency in performing, coordinating, and administrating planned engineering duties, pertaining to the construction, installation, and maintenance of building units such as airports, roads, bridges, pipelines, harbors, sewage systems, dams etc. It starts with an objective that also acts as a title to the resume. It covers your professional interests, putting forth your vision as a civil engineer. Although the resume is to outline your profile and your interests, the information that it projects should bear utmost relevance to the employer's needs. The application should be employer-centered, its contents bearing answers for questions in the recruiter's mind. It is therefore advised that you contact the company and talk to one of its recruiters, to get to know more about their vision and expectations. This will give you a clear idea as to the information that you need to present.

Customizing has a major role to play in gaining the confidence of the reader. In the free sample of civil engineer resume given below, you'll see that the career objective is immediately followed by a profile summary. It acts as a perfect substitute for your previous job descriptions, which otherwise, you are to include in your employment history. Here, you need to include about 8 points that describe the significant roles that you have played in your previous employments. This section covers your professional background in detail, where all general and mundane facts are kept from inclusion. This is to keep all the information within the resume completely relevant to the job specifications, eventually facilitating an easy, highly informative, and a worthwhile read for the recruiter.

Then follows your key skills, which speaks of your technical skills, and highlights your knowledge as a skilled civil engineer. Include about 4-6 points and highlight them using bullets. As you move on to state your employment history, the reader would have formed a concrete image of your professional background. Compliment the information with only the fundamental details pertaining to your academic and professional history, as shown below in the sample resume.

Remember to include details of any significant projects that you have handled, specific to your current scenario. Mention the details within 3 bullet points per employment. You may also include a section dedicated to cover your accomplishments during your academic or employment period. References need not be included if the employer has not specified. In such cases, simply include a section named references and quote, "Available upon request."

See below for a sample civil engineer resume, and observe its layout carefully:

Lars H. Washington
2901 Hide A Way Road
Orlando, FL 32810
(407) 970-3145

Career Objective:

Highly skilled Civil Engineer, with dynamic construction experience, seeks an opportunity to plan, develop, and implement engineering designs for the construction and maintenance of commercial structures, and further get to the core of civil engineering.

Profile Summary:

  • Over 7 years of experience in the design and development of residential and commercial structures, in accordance with fundamental government codes
  • Prepared, analyzed, and revised engineering designs, survey reports, structural drawings, maps, and blueprints, using designing software and tools
  • Engaged in extensive research for the acquisition of geological and topographical data
  • Planned, designed, and directed the installation of hydraulic systems and water disposal units for residential structures and commercial structures, in adherence to governmental standards
  • Responsible for determining water flow rates and environmental factors as physical constraints influencing design specifications
  • Conducted irregular inspections to track and assess the progress of construction and projects, ensuring safety and quality standards
  • Estimated overall costs of construction and maintenance projects, and the required quantities of materials, labor, equipments, and machinery, for feasibility analysis
  • Aided in the preparation and presentation of public reports based on environmental impact and right-of-way descriptions

Core Competencies:

  • Expert in conducting land and area surveys to establish reference notes
  • Proficient in the study of traffic patterns to develop appropriate solutions for potential traffic issues
  • Highly skilled in soil and materials testing, sound knowledge of procurement of goods and equipments
  • Experienced in determining environmental conditions that affect projects at commercial sites
  • Accurate in determining the strength and adequacy of planned designs, foundations, concrete, and steel
  • Expert in risk analysis and management, design detailing, labor management, budget management, inventory control, and technical research

Work Experience:

2005 - 2012
Allied Steel Buildings - Orlando, FL
Jr. Civil Engineering Technician

2001 - 2005
Epic Engineering and Consulting
Hydraulic Engineer

1997 - 2000
Qualtest Inc - Orlando, FL
Engineering Technician

Academic History:

Completed 4-year bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering 1997

Seminole State College of Florida
Placed in grade A


Available upon request

The above sample of civil engineering resume will give you clarity in the arrangement and presentation of information. Browse the website thoroughly and you'll find more free resume templates and cover letter samples.

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