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Entry Level Advertising Resume

An entry level advertiser works as either an advertising assistant or an advertising representative and he or she is responsible to produce different types of advertisements for their business clients in improving their businesses. He or she may also have to work on accounts and record keeping. The main responsibility of an entry level advertiser is to associate in all aspects of advertisement such as campaigns, communication and brand name building.

An entry level advertiser has to estimate the costs of advertising services and products and provide them to the clients for approval. He or she is also responsible to take the services and products offered by the clients to the attention of the customers in order to improve the business. He or she must be aware of the appropriate formats and size of the advertisements, which entirely depend on the advertisement medium chosen.

The responsibility of an entry level advertiser is to plan marketing strategies to achieve the goals and objectives. He or she is also required to study the problems in the field, about the products and previous advertising history to come to a conclusion and plan strategies to overcome all the difficulties. He/she has to prepare sample advertisement and get the approval of the client, before proceeding to the next stage.

Douglas S
2140, Charmaine Lane
Phone: 806-463-2938

Job Objective:

I am seeking an entry level advertiser position in a fast growing company and expecting an opportunity to grow myself along with my skills.

Highlights of Qualifications:

  • Have the ability to maintain and develop long standing client relationship.
  • Always possess a positive attitude and can operate computer systems with all its applications.
  • Proficient with computer applications such Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point and working with internet.
  • Possess excellent creative ideas, organisational and communication skills.
  • Have good academic records and while studying, have participated in advertisement campaigns and won awards for creativity.
  • Possess deep knowledge in administrative aspects of the advertisement field and highly experienced in routine works.
  • Highly experienced in preparing documents and related papers that are related to advertising projects.

Professional Experience:

Position: Entry Level Advertiser
Company: Attractive Advertisers, Lake Park, GA
Period: January, 2006 to till today


  • Responsible for development of campaigns, advertising products and strategies.
  • Have developed many ideas for execution of product launches.
  • Have arranged event planning and coordination in respect of improvement of the business.
  • Have innovated new strategies in developing, supporting and executing field marketing and advertising through several media, including social media.
  • Provided training to the new hires regarding launching of advertising programs.
  • Have developed and implemented in-store promotional advertising.
  • Have deeply analysed the sales process and applied brand new concepts with necessary speed.

Professional Experience:

Position: Entry Level Advertiser
Firm: Albert Advertisers and Marketing, Jersey City, NJ
Period: January, 2001 to December, 2005


  • Responsible for advertising the products through different media and attract the new customers and keeping the existing customers in tact.
  • Arranged for demonstration of the products and explain how the products are useful to the users.
  • Regularly met the frequent customers and ascertained their satisfaction in respect of the products and services as well as their satisfaction.
  • Never hesitated to accept the useful suggestions from the customers for the improvement on the overall performances and acknowledged them with thanks.
  • Besides attending to marketing and advertising services, had attended to other duties as assigned by the management.

Educational Qualifications:

I have a Bachelor's degree in Business and Communication from a University in Indiana.
I also possess a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing from an institute in Indiana.


Mr. Albert
Managing Director
Albert Advertisers and Marketing
Jersey City, New Jersey.

However talented you are and you might have put up many years of service in the advertising sector, it is necessary to prepare an entry level advertising resume, to win the job in that field. This is because, the employers assess the skills of the candidates by reviewing the resumes, they send, and screen the resumes to reduce the list of candidates to be called for interview. The importance of entry level advertising resume is that it should prove that you are the most eligible candidate, as required by the employers, among other contestants.

Appearance of the resume is also very important and while giving the details of entry level advertising resume, you must try to point out the relevant skills, qualifications, contact details and experience in bold letters. You can also make out some bullet points. Do not front load your resume, but ensure that your important skills, the employer is looking for, stands out.

The important characteristic, your resume should possess, is the objective statement. You must make the employer understand how you will be beneficial the employer and you should not list out your expectations from the company.

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